Monday, June 27, 2011

Posting from the Confessional!!

Forgive me Goddess of Quilting, for I have sinned.  It has been 15 days since my last post.

      We had a marvelous time at the beach.  This was the view from the deck on our rented beach house.  Mmmmmmmm, location baby! location, location, location!!!

 My daughter (at the end of the table) and her 3 friends (on the right)  came straight from the Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee.  It's a yearly festival kinda like Woodstock.  They had great fun and spent a few days with us to relax and do laundry.  We had a few 'Five Crowns' tournaments.

Five Crowns is a great card game.  Oh dear, it looks like Olivia might be losing!  And check out Mr. 9patch's face, he won.  And he doesn't even like games, yeesh!!

                                                Hmm, somebody must have a good hand.

                              And somebody thinks she has a good hand, but probably doesn't, ha ha.

 This picture is one of my favorites.  After camping in the Tennessee heat for four days with no showers, the kids arrived with shower scrubbies in hand and got straight into the ocean, Survivor style. 
 They drove from Tennessee to Kitty Hawk through the night.  I told them to be careful not to fall asleep in the sun.  Sadly, there isn't enough sunscreen in the world for Jordan. 

 Another confession:  I cursed at these pelicans.  Every day, ALL day, these pelicans flew in a line around in a big loop.  Always the same direction.  I thought it was cool, until the morning we got crapped on!  It was such a nice morning with my coffee, a good book, my feet up on the deck railing, talking with my husband...............and then we were splattered!!  ick.  I said a naughty word, (it means poop).

                                                           They didn't even say 'sorry'.

Confession number 3:   I'm not perfect,  and I'm lazy.  (yup, lazy............ the truth is that I rarely make my bed any more  :(  )
I have needed to expand my design wall for quite some time so I finally went to the home improvement store and got some more insulation board.  I measured, cut, covered with batting, and nailed it up.  Yay.

                                 And look, I even make a little window for the electrical outlet.  Well done, huh?

Oops, I first put the little window on the wrong side.  I couldn't decide what to do so I just made a new window and kept going. I planned to make a little plug/patch but didn't get to it right away, my lazy butt was tired and hot.  Then I forgot and all the leftover insulation board went out with the garbage, oh dear!

Oh Goddess!  Thank you so much for making the garbage pickup so late allowing me to salvage a little piece.  That was a week ago and I haven't done a thing about it yet.  Lazy I tell ya!

I belong to the fledgling Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild and we joined the Kaufman Kona Solids Challenge.  They sent each of us a charm pack and all we have to do is show our finished projects.  We made rules:  only use solids and use at least part of each of the charm squares.  I finally finished piecing my top.  It's about 40 by 48 inches.  After I squared up all the squares, I had lots of little pieced strips.  I used them in the border despite the fact that they were VERY wonky and measured from 3/4 to 1 inch wide.  The finished strips in the border are a half inch wide.   Soooo,  since I'm not perfect,  please sing the following to the tune of Jimmy Crack Corn.

                                                 "My seams don't match and I don't care,

                                                   My seams don't match and I don't care,

          My seams don't match,  and I donnnnn't caaaaaaaaaare!!!!!!!!
          Just look from far awaaaay!

I believe that after quilting and washing, it will barely show.  And please stop looking so close, ok?
I do have a question though,  40 by 48 inches.  What should I do with it?  Baby quilt?  Are these colors ok for a baby?  Wall hanging?  More borders to be a lap/sofa size?  What would you do? 
     Btw,  I have more 'sins' to share.  The state of my sewing room is one.  If I weren't lazy, I would bite the bullet and organize this room the right way.  I need to  completely EMPTY the room and start over.  But, omg, that is so daunting.  Have you ever done that?   I have been checking out these posts for inspiration.  Feel free to offer me some suggestions or simply shame me into starting.  Whatever works. 
    Ok,  I am tired of kneeling in this confessional.  I'll be back soon, y'hear?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ever feel like a dud?

I started this post last week and never got back to it.  Now it's keeping me from posting something new because I kept feeling like I needed to finish it. So I decided to just post it unfinished.  We are now at the beach in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  Oh yeah!!  My hubby, my son and I arrived yesterday and tomorrow my daughter and 3 of her friends are arriving from a long hot weekend at Bonnaroo.  I'm looking forward to some fun.  I'm planning a Five Crowns game tournament, always crazy  fun!  Now, you get last week's lousy post:

Ever feel like a dud?
I do.  Here are some of my ups and downs, my yays and boos, my positives and negatives, my lol's and waahs:

I'm tired and
I'm leaving for the beach on saturday...................yay!

I am eating oatmeal right now............. positive.
Last night after work I scarfed down 4 chocolate chip cookies and some chips................ negative.

I love having my son living at home.................yay.
He's the reason we have cookies and chips in the!

The stink bugs are coming in my house.............waah.
When I catch them, I put them in an Altoid tin, I call it Altoid

I pieced a back for my daughter's 'Summer List' quilt......................yay.
I don't love the back, it's just

I have to leave for work in 15 minutes.....................negative.
Right now I am leaning back in a chair, with my feet propped on a table and my laptop on my knees...........positive!

I have a new pair of capri pants and I love love love them..................yay.
I'm afraid they won't be so perfect after I wash them.........................bleh.

Sorry for no pictures, I'm a dud remember.   Have a good day!