Friday, October 21, 2011

Procrastination, indecision and fighting with the server, bleh.

I managed to get one photo uploaded.  This is a little mini (12 by 12)  that I made for one of my Wild Thread friends.  We had a secret swap for the fall.  I love these swaps because I get to play any way I want.  I had lots of ideas but nothing stuck until about 2 days before 'swap day'.   Yeah, if you're wondering, I did a lot of last minute cramming all through college.  Anyway, I saw a little tree design like this in Aimee Ray's book, Doodle Stitching.  I combined some hand embroidery with machine applique and voila!  Fall folliage for Chris. 

Soooo,  I have some other last minute projects happening.  And, well, I haven't lifted a finger.  Nope.  Nuthin happnin here except a lot of daydreaming and half baked ponderings.  I call my daughter the Queen of Procrastination and now I find myself wondering if I have anything to do with that.  No!  It can't be!  That is a guilty path I can NOT go down.  I am going to put that whole thread right out of my mind.
 Back to my projects.  I have two groups, the Wild Threads and the Modern Quilt Guild, who are beginning modern block swaps.  I am not super fond of block swaps (only because I have a basket of blocks from previous swaps that I haven't done anything with).  However, I am giving it another go, or two.  Today is Friday, on Sunday I meet with the Wild Threads and I am supposed to have two boxes (kits) made up with fabric and directions for my chosen block.  But I can't decide on a block. (I also accuse my daughter regularly of extreme indecision.  What the hee haw is going on here?  maybe she rubbed off on me.  Can I blame her?  please?)  Oy! Oy! I need a block, an awesome fantastic block. 
Actually, I need two block designs.  The swap with the MQG requires me to pick a block design and then make it in the recipients color choices.  Four of those are due in December so I figure I have plenty of time.  Tomorrow is another day.  Right Scarlet?

I apologize for such shabby posting.  When I try to upload photos, it keeps saying 'connection lost to server'.  I think it is some kind of issue I am having with blogger but I really don't know.  I am going to hit the blogger forums and fish for help there.  If you have any tips, feel free to share.  Thanks.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I feel like I need to whisper................

So I went on retreat last weekend.  (It was awesome!)  While I was gone, my fantastic husband took a look at my computer and messed around with it a bit.  I don't know what he did but I finally got the nerve to try to upload some pictures.  It worked.  Shhhhhh.  I really, really hope I am back in business.  Meanwhile, I don't have any new pictures tonight so I found some old ones.
I just love going on retreat.  It's loads of fun hanging with my quilty buddies.  There is always lots of joking and carrying on, not to mention all the goodies we eat.  AND, I always come home with a great sense of accomplishment.  Packing for retreat is a true art.  I get a little better at it every time.  It's important not to run out of things to work on.  It's also important not to take too much stuff, you don't want to jump around too much.  I also like to trap myself into  finishing stalled projects, hee hee.  That's what I did this time.  I had two quilts that were sandwiched and basted weeks ago.  I took both of them and forced myself to get cracking on the quilting. 
First I got this one done, I kept it simple with a nice meander.
Then I forced myself to work on this quilt.  I put this top together at my last retreat.  I don't have any specific plans for this quilt so it stalled.  I decided to work on my 'feather' quilting.  Whew!  I ended up quilting feather circles in 21 of these squares, every other one.  And,  omg, my neck and shoulders were so tight and sore, I needed to take a break.  I stopped and made a cute little zipper bag for my new Nook.  I then quilted all of the sashing.  My plan is to quilt feathers in the outer border and 'something' in the other blocks.  I may feather them too, just not sure yet. 

I also made 3 luggage tags.  I didn't use a pattern, just played around.  They aren't great but I learned a few things and might try again.  And,  Sunday morning I used my Accuquilt Go and whipped up a quick Drunkard's Path baby quilt.  
Yay for retreat!   We had lots of fun and now I am trying to detox from the chocolate and coffee and catch up on some sleep. 
I promise some new pictures by this weekend and I have some news to spill that I will share.
Ta ta friends!