Friday, April 30, 2010

Circles!! Delicious circles!

Remember this little tease last week? My scraps from a secret project? Welllllll..........
Check this out!! I am completely in love with this pillow. I saw something similiar on a blog (I'm pretty sure it was Quilt Dad) and knew I was going to have to try something like it. Here's my version. I made a bunch of circles and then snipped and trimmed and started building my little masterpiece.
My little love affair with solids continues. The background is shot cotton from Kaffe and the circles are ombre with little scratches on them.

I just feel like drooling when I look at this. I am really thrilled with it. I have an idea for a companion pillow. Not circles. Have you seen any of the ticker tape designs out there? I'll use the same fabrics, just different shapes.

Here's a picture of how I packed my batiks last weekend. Mmmmmm! I love how I can pick through it and see all of my different batiks.

Oooooo, lordy! I just want to drool and roll around with these.

Now, let's see if anyone is still with me. When I was sorting through all of my fabrics last weekend, I found quite a bit of flannel. Check out these pics.
Who can resist dots and stripes?

I'm really not in the mood to make a raggy quilt but does anyone have any suggestions for some simple quilts I can make these into. I've been thinking about just making some kids' quilts with simple squares. What do you think? Any other ideas for a quick and easy quilt?

ps Don't you just love Fridays? I can't wait til bedtime! I sure love my bed!!!! Goodnight peeps.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Fever!

I have spent the entire weekend in my sewing room and haven't even turned on my machine. Nope, haven't cut any fabric or plugged in the iron either. I have been organizing. Do you need a minute to catch your breath or get up off the floor? I sense you may be laughing hard. It had to be done, I am fed up with the clutter in here. It is so hard to get any work done when I have to clear a workspace every time. Sadly, the cutting table and the sewing table are still completely buried. But honestly, I am really getting somewhere. I have been sorting and folding my stash. I also packed up quite a bit of fabric into banker's boxes. I labeled them and put them in a closet. This was the wools, flannels, homespuns, xmas fabric, and batiks. I am having second thought about the batiks going into the closet though. I love the way they are in the box though, all in a row so I can just flip through them. I really should have taken a picture. Very soon I am going to make the back for my batik quilt though, so I'll nab a photo then. I organized my ribbons, buttons, notions, trims, patterns, and fat quarters. Tomorrow, I will clear everything off the tables and sort through it. My kitchen counter and island are rarely cluttered (maybe cuz I don't cook much, lol), and my goal is for this room to look the same. I'll ask you again, do you need a minute?

So anyway, last weekend the Wild Threads had a pillow swap and here is the little sweetie, I made. I just can't resist Kelly's designs from Don't Look Now. I mixed and matched from her patterns to make this little pillow.
Tweet! The birdies are always my favorite. I think the next pillow or mini I make might just have to have a dozen of these babies.
I knew I bought the heart shaped shell buttons for a good reason. I've have them for probably 5 years.

Hi Ladybug! I'm glad to see you on this pretty pillow instead of crawling aroung my bedroom and bathroom.
Last weekend I made something new and special..... but I can't show you yet. It has to wait until next weekend. But I will show you this, I used the scraps from my secret project and threw this together. It's about 6 X 8 inches and I'll probably make it into a mini wallquilt or pillow. It's on my design wall for now. I like it there. It's cheery.

Next weekend, I'll unveil my little secret project. Bye bye!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Whoa! I need to catch my breath!!!!

Look look look!! I won some gorgeous silk. Can you believe it? I can't. I am so excited. I mentioned before that I Have A Notion was having a month of giveaways to celebrate their one year anniversary. Today was the announcement of the winners. There were so many prizes, all of them awesome! I read down the list looking for my name. Patterns, AccuQuilt Go ,books, Mod Podge, an iron, threads, lots and lots of rulers, fabric, DVD's, notions, paint sticks, etc etc......nope nope nope. After over 80 prizes, the VERY LAST ONE goes to.........9patchnurse! Unbelievable! That's me! I would've been excited to win anything (please don't tell them that), but OMG ....16 gorgeous fat quarters! The first thing I am going to do with it is make a patchwork scarf and I'm going to put some beads on it too. Then I think some nice pillows for my sofa. The good sofa from Pottery Barn with the sage green velvet slipcover. Don't you think some pillows out of these colors would look good on that? Whew! I've had a hard week and this was a really nice bright spot. Now, I think I'll go to bed and get a good night's sleep. I hope you have a great weekend too.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My pyjamas and Heather Ross

I can't tell you how much I love Heather Ross' fabrics. I love them more than........ well almost more than my kitties! I have been known to bid ridiculous amounts of $$ on ebay to get a scrap of fabric from one of her discontinued lines. Part of that is just determination not to be outbid, I get a little competitive. Here are a few shots of my PJ bottoms. Sometimes I buy munki munki poplin PJ's just to get a Heather Ross fix. I like to write captions for these fabrics, such as......
"Look! Mom, look! All those kids are getting ice cream. Can I have some? Can I? Huh? Huh? Mom!?" "Oh! Honey, don't let the doggie have your ice cream!"
"I love you!"


My plan was to wear the bottoms and cut up the tops for fabric. I haven't been able to cut into the tops yet. In fact, I have a box of Heather Ross fabrics that I just pull out once in a while to look at. Every day brings me a little closer to using it in a quilt or pillow of something. Some day soon. I just know it!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Check out this giveaway!

I Have a Notion is having a month of giveaways to celebrate their one year blogaversary! Check it out, one of the prizes is an AccuQuilt Go. Awesome!!! If you don't win, (cuz maybe I will, lol) you can always get one at their store. Good luck!

Testing the new computer!

On Friday I was online before leaving for work and I heard a 'bzzt!'. The screen turned off. My lime green laptop went dark, died, expired, belly up, 6 feet under, GONE! I have heard rumors of something called a motherboard. Well I think I cooked mine. I had noticed the laptop heating up, too bad I didn't pay more attention. So now I have a new laptop (and I got it a little cooling seat of it's own!).
I wanted to get so much done this weekend and I have spent too much time trying to get my old info onto the new computer. The Geek Squad helped me salvage everything onto an external hard drive. This post is a test to make sure I can download and transfer pictures etc. Looks like it's working! This fabric on the left was for an 'ugly fabric' challenge that the Wild Threads had last year. I was into handpiecing some hexies at the time.
This is what I came up with. I saw something like it online somewhere and it looked like fun. So I now have a fabric tree sculture. The trunk and branches are embroidered corduroy. It's been stuck up on my design wall for at least a year because I have no idea what to do with it. Any ideas? I am thinking of designating a wall somewhere in this house (still to be decided) and just put this and lots of other mini quilts up.

I think. I don't know. Maybe. We'll see.
Ok, now the test is over. It appears the new computer is up and running for the most part. It's not lime green, sigh, but I think I'll put some stickers on it, lol. Enjoy your sunday everybody, I'm going to get busy here. Buh-bye!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vintage (noun) - a period of origin or manufacture

I started this on retreat and finished it yesterday. Leisel has a great competition, So you think you can quilt, going at her blog. This month's theme is vintage. Now, if you ask me what I think vintage means, I immediately think of old linens and such. Aprons on June Cleaver etc. I was so excited when it dawned on me to use this little lady that I've had on my design wall for so long. Isn't she pretty? And such a pretty little apron. I made the apron a few years ago for a family Xmas exchange. It wasn't the big hit that I thought it would be.....oh well.

Vintage quilts make me think of blocks like these little bow ties or shoofly blocks. These blocks are about 3 inches square, so darn cute! I really have to make a quilt with bow tie blocks.

Several years ago I got a package of '30's solids' and this was a fun time to use them, even that poopy brown one.

So, this is my vintage entry. I'm going to go play with Mr Linky and hook it up with Leisel's blog. Last month, I won a nice quilt pattern for my entry on 'Love'. The problem was that I was the only one who posted a link. This time I would love to win again but I would like a little (just a tiny bit) of competition. And I really hope that last month's win doesn't diminish my chances this month. Ok Leisel? Huh, Ok? Check out her blog everybody! It's really nice. G'nite!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Snob (noun) - one who tends to rebuff, avoid, or ignore those regarded as inferior.

Snobbishness.... snobbery.... being a snob.... acting snooty or hoity-toity.... being a complete snootypants. It's all so easy. I don't think it's very nice to be a snob but it is a character flaw of mine that I struggle with. I fight the urge, and when I fail, I at least try to hide my dark side.
My mom taught me how to knit when I was a kid. Knitting is for sweaters, sassy scarfs, intricate intarsia and fair-isle designs, striped socks, Christmas stockings, and oh-so-snuggly baby sweaters. Knitting is cool, hip, and classic. Crochet is not. Crochet is for grannies, retirees, afghans, and toilet roll covers.
So why have I just begun to crochet? Well, first I stumbled across Beata, who has a blog called rosehip. She makes wonderful things including gorgeous, tasty, colorful, and just plain precious pillowcases with crocheted trims. I drooled over these cases for a while and then Cassie at You Go Girl posted a tutorial for these fantabulistic cases. It has been a slippery slope ever since! So far, I have only made these two cases. I think the cotton yarn I used is a little thick for this project.

It doesn't have the lacey quality that I had hoped for and it is a touch 'bunchy', but I still love it. Of course, yarn is like fabric. You can never have too much. I started with the Sugar'n Cream (isn't that a great name?). Yesterday I bought two colors of the Royal crochet thread. I want to see how the thinner thread/yarn looks. I also now have 3 different sizes of crochet needles. Mmmm, actually I think they are called 'hooks'.

Oh gosh!! Look! It seems I also bought a book. So far, I haven't really been able to figure out the directions, but I also had a little trouble with Cassie's tutorial. I didn't know what a 'double crochet' was or how to do it. Don't you just love Google? A couple of clicks and I had a video tutorial of the double crochet stitch. Ta-daa!

I have already pulled some more fabrics out to make more cases. I hope Macy's, Kohls, Target or SOMEBODY has a sale on pillows soon. It would really help me out. Did I really need a new passion? I think not. Thanks Beata and Cassie!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Check out this little bit of sweetness!! A while back, I won a giveaway from Arctic Mum. Mali lives in Norway, near the North Pole. I think she's related to Santa because she sent me this gorgeous pillow (she calls it a cushion, isn't that cool?!). It is made with a Norwegian style of embroidery called Hardanger. You can read her post about it here. I really love this 'cushion' and I will be auditioning it in several places around the house for just the right spot. I want to make sure it gets noticed but I would rather the kitties don't nap on it. My friends are right when they tell me I'm a 'wiener'! I really should buy a lottery ticket. I can't believe I haven't won the HGTV dream house yet. Maybe next year, huh?
I hope you all had a nice Easter. We slept with the windows open last night. I LOVE that! I have something special to show you soon, just have a little finishing up to do. Toodles!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wanna know what keeps me from posting more often?

Lack of pictures ready to go. I can always think of something to say but I like to have something for you to look at. So tomorrow I am going to load up lots of photos in my folder so I always have something. Anything inside or outside of my house is fair game. Warning! Warning 9patch family!! I may be pointing the camera your way! If 9patchboy sleeps too late, he'll be photographed looking lazy.
Look what I won on retreat! The small tin of Guterman thread was from winning our 'loud and crazy' bingo game. The other YLI iris thread was a Fabulous prize. Throughout the retreat weekend, Nancy hands us tickets. The last one to go to bed and the first one up usually get extra tickets. We also ask constantly (beg, really) for extras. "Hey Nancy, Chris is picking on me. Shouldn't I get a ticket for sitting next to her?" "Nancy, I finished a row, can I get a ticket?" and so on, and so on. She draws tickets on the last day for 'Fabulous' prizes. You can only win once and wasn't I excited to get this colorful thread. I have just the project for it, I'll show you soon. This! was a $3 blouse from the Thrift shop. I cut it up and the front with the button closures will be the back of a pillow that I'm making. I can't show it yet. The Wild Threads are having a pillow swap in a couple weeks and this might be my donation. Although I found a new blog with an awesome pillow tutorial today, I might want to make that one. More on that later, I want to keep a lid on what I'm doing. Anyway, I saw this idea of using a shirt somewhere on a blog. I'm so sorry that I can't remember which one. It's a great idea though and a great way to recycle old shirts from family or thrifting. I found that the women's shirts were priced lower than the men's and they are certainly more colorful. I got about 5 or 6. A couple of them fit me and my daughter said I should keep them, we'll see.

Look what came in the mail yesterday!! This was my inspiration for the border on my retreat quilt, and I decided to just go ahead and get the book. Judy's quilts are so colorful, I can't wait to make one. The backgrounds take a lot of fabric though, and I'm not sure that I have any cuts that big. I'll have to check. I gained 9 yards of fabric this month and really need to start using my stash. The back of my retreat quilt should help though. I'm going to work on that soon. Judy also has a cooking blog and she put some of her recipes in the back of this book. Easy recipes for dishes that will be cooking while you are sewing on the weekend. She's a smart lady! Check out her blogs here and here. Her stories about her chickens are hilarious.

Last but not least, here is an item that is perfect for retreats and sewing marathons. I took an old TV table and covered it with batting and fabric to make a small portable ironing table. My friend, Chris, went one step further and made the cover removable. That way she can still use it as a TV table and she can wash the cover. I was lazy and just cut up an old bedsheet and took the staple gun to it.

I haven't done any egg dyeing for Easter this year and wouldn't you know I saw the cutest tutorial today for easy fabric eggs from scraps. No time today because I have to work, boo hoo. And it's way to late to try to make and send some to my niece and nephew in California. Darn it!! Wouldn't that have been the cutest little package to send? A basket of eggs? Awww!
Have a great Easter everyone! Our weather is gorgeous, hope yours is too. Bye-bye!