Friday, October 21, 2011

Procrastination, indecision and fighting with the server, bleh.

I managed to get one photo uploaded.  This is a little mini (12 by 12)  that I made for one of my Wild Thread friends.  We had a secret swap for the fall.  I love these swaps because I get to play any way I want.  I had lots of ideas but nothing stuck until about 2 days before 'swap day'.   Yeah, if you're wondering, I did a lot of last minute cramming all through college.  Anyway, I saw a little tree design like this in Aimee Ray's book, Doodle Stitching.  I combined some hand embroidery with machine applique and voila!  Fall folliage for Chris. 

Soooo,  I have some other last minute projects happening.  And, well, I haven't lifted a finger.  Nope.  Nuthin happnin here except a lot of daydreaming and half baked ponderings.  I call my daughter the Queen of Procrastination and now I find myself wondering if I have anything to do with that.  No!  It can't be!  That is a guilty path I can NOT go down.  I am going to put that whole thread right out of my mind.
 Back to my projects.  I have two groups, the Wild Threads and the Modern Quilt Guild, who are beginning modern block swaps.  I am not super fond of block swaps (only because I have a basket of blocks from previous swaps that I haven't done anything with).  However, I am giving it another go, or two.  Today is Friday, on Sunday I meet with the Wild Threads and I am supposed to have two boxes (kits) made up with fabric and directions for my chosen block.  But I can't decide on a block. (I also accuse my daughter regularly of extreme indecision.  What the hee haw is going on here?  maybe she rubbed off on me.  Can I blame her?  please?)  Oy! Oy! I need a block, an awesome fantastic block. 
Actually, I need two block designs.  The swap with the MQG requires me to pick a block design and then make it in the recipients color choices.  Four of those are due in December so I figure I have plenty of time.  Tomorrow is another day.  Right Scarlet?

I apologize for such shabby posting.  When I try to upload photos, it keeps saying 'connection lost to server'.  I think it is some kind of issue I am having with blogger but I really don't know.  I am going to hit the blogger forums and fish for help there.  If you have any tips, feel free to share.  Thanks.


  1. Love your fall mini-quilt! Sweet!

  2. Love the little quilt! I think Procrastination should be an Olympic sport...wouldn't we be gold medal material...yay!

  3. hi there! i need you to get in touch with me! i lost your addy and i have a little something for you :)

  4. Cute mini! Good luck picking a block (2)!

  5. Woo HOO!! I was the lucky recipient of this mug cute on my coffee table!!