Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm alive.

This is an old picture.  I like it because this was a spontaneous quilt I made with no plan in mind.  I let it evolve, right up to the end when I decided to put little groups of prairie points around the border.

I probably need to make another spontaneous quilt soon.  My sewing space (I feel pretentious calling it a studio, lol) is pretty much done and I promise some photos in the next week or so.  Last week my brother the contractor and his dudes improved the lighting (a lot!), and put the doors/rolling design wall on the closet.  There are two sliding doors and so far I have covered one of them in batting. 

My space is nice and makes me happy.  I am too tired and mentally worn out from work to do much but I have started a new quilt.  So far I am just cutting and pinning, getting ready to sew.  I am making a quilt for my long time friend at work who lost her husband suddenly a few weeks ago.  She gave me some of his shirts and I am going to make her a quilt from them.  I have been cutting into them for a few days and I have to say, it makes me sad.  He was a good guy and they had a good marriage (like my hubby and I) and I'm so sad thinking about her loss just at the time that we are looking forward towards retirement. 
 I am still working more than 50 hours a week as we adjust to the new  'EVERYTHING'  at work.  This will last until mid June, then I get to go to the beach, yay!  Meanwhile I am tired, working 6 days a week and every Saturday is a night shift.  I do get to have off this Friday and I hope the weather is nice.  Maybe I'll sit in the sun and read a book.
Enjoy the Spring everybody.  I hope to have something to show soon. 

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