Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Now where was I?

Oh yeah, I remember.  My camera was on the fritz.
  Well, I did a lot of fiddling around but couldn't fix it.  Then I spent lots of time internet browsing and finally ordered up a new camera on Amazon.  After it came, I had a brief moment where I thought the old camera was working but that passed. 
So, I have played around a VERY little bit with the new camera.  Here's a pic of the half square triangle top that has been on my design wall for what feels like forever.  I got it sewn together and then got caught up with the holidays.  So it waits.  I am planning lots more half square action in 2013.  My mom got me 3 different Accuquilt dies for Christmas.  The 4 inch, six and a half inch, and 8 inch half square triangle dies!  Woo hoo!  
I did some holiday clean up today and then I had a brief spurt of sewing motivation.  I want to start playing with my 'toys' so I planned out a project.  I made a list of how many units I need and then turned to the fabric stash.   And..................................................I stalled out.  I just couldn't decide on what to work with.  Solids or prints?  Scrappy or planned?  So nothing happened today.  I work the rest of this week but I promised myself I would get lots of sewing time this coming weekend.
I can't believe the year is almost over.  This past month has been a blur.  I am so glad that I did some holiday sewing last summer.  Remember these?  And these?  It was so nice to have them in the vault before the frenzy started.  I did sew several wine bottle totes for gifts at the last minute.  Sorry no pictures but I think I will be making more.  They are great to have on hand as hostess gifts. 
My extended family has one big holiday party every year, usually the fourth saturday in advent.  It's at my house which I love because it motivates me to clean up, organize, and do a little decorating.  This year I suffered a decorating injury.  We all know that hot glue guns get hot.  Yes, I know that and I know better than to touch the heated spout.  But, holy smokes, my new glue gun overheated the glue!  It was MOLTEN and got away from me and dribbled on my pinkie.  Ouch!

This is how my finger looks after a week of healing. It's still pretty deep and raw.   I suppose that when I get to work tomorrow I could ask our burn surgeon for suggestions but I probably won't.   I would really like to speed the healing up a little since there are so many germs at work but common sense says keep it covered and use the antibiotic ointment liberally. 
The house looked pretty good though and lots of fun was had by all. 
This week I am going to get busy fine tuning my Quilty New Year's resolutions.  My themes are going to be Stockpiling, Fun, and of course the usual Finishing.  And Scrapbusting.  Oh! also Stash Control.  Do you see why I need to do some fine tuning?  I promise I'll have a list in writing and ready to post on the first.
Happy holidays friends!  


  1. Yikes, thats a bad burn! Take care of it! Whatcha doing in te HST dept this year? I'm looking for ideas.

  2. Dang Lisa - that is nasty! Not your quilt, that is lovely - your finger looks awful! I hope it heals quickly.

  3. Ouch! That looks awful and really painful. I hate learning a new camera but it's always worth it. blessings, marlene

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