Monday, May 9, 2011

OMG! A close call!!!

Well, part of my SSP (super secret project) has been exposed, darnit!  Last night I was sitting in my sewing room, minding my own business after an afternoon of brainstorming and working on my SSP, when my daughter wandered in after work.  She gets off work at 11pm AND she doesn't live at home!  I usually know when she's coming.  So there I was with the SSP proudly arranged and displayed in all of it's colorful brightness on my design wall.  I had a brief moment of  'oh good grief' and 'oh boy! I can finally show her!'  but that passed and I shouted FREEZE!  She had her back to the design wall so I jumped up hollering 'DON'T MOVE!  CLOSE YOUR EYES!' and who knows what else.  I was going to pull it all down but I had spent all day arranging and rearranging dogonnit!  I spied the flannel backed tablecloth that I use as my portable design wall.  It was all folded up with my triangles still in it from my last sewing marathon with my buds.  I quickly unfolded it and pinned it right up to cover my precious SSP.  So this is all she saw, whew!  Some of those triangles are wrong side up  from unfolding, lol.  
    So, the fact that I am making some kind of quilted surprise is out.  Waaaaaah!  My daughter, Olivia, is graduating from college this month with a fine arts degree in photography.  I asked her what she might like for a graduation gift and she said, 'I don't really need anything.'  I really love that girl but, honestly, gimme something to work with honey!  Well, I truly had a lightbulb moment and the SSP was born.  I know she reads my blog but I'm not sure how often so I can't tell all just yet.  I'm bummed that she knows I'm making something.

I've decided to show you another little sneaky peek.  The SSP wasn't going to have any applique but yesterday as I sat and stared at it, trying to decide how to fill some spots, I had a little aha moment.  How cute is this bike?  The design is from McKenna Ryan's Beach Walk pattern. 

Okay folks, show's over.  You (and Olivia) aren't getting any more out of me today.  Now go back to your regularly scheduled blogs!! Go on now,  shooo!


  1. Loving the sneak peek of SSP. Glad tragedy was averted and you didnt have to tackle her to the ground football style to avoid her getting a glimpse!

  2. LOL! Scary moment. I was making a quilt for a friends birthday & every time I would sit down to work on it she would drop in. That poor quilt was thrown behind furniture, under the lounge & scrunched into bags...and she never had any idea...but she started my hair turning grey! Olivia will love it...whatever it is.

  3. Roflmao! I sew on the kitchen table but there's always an old clean blanket handy to throw over everything for surprise visits as I've been 'caught' before.

  4. hahahahaha sorry I ruined some of your surprise!!!