Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nerves of steel!

I've got  'em.  I have been working hard on the sewing room 'makeover/switcheroo'.  The furniture is out of the room (and in the dining room waiting for my cousin to come get it,  Hurry Tarry!).  Today I am going to move everything out of the closet and take the posters off the ceiling (yup, you read that right. posters on the ceiling).  
 Anyway, back to my nerves.  Last night my good friend, Jennilyn, came over and we talked about painting.  Bless her heart, painting is Jennilyn's business and passion.  We talked colors and ideas for the floor and walls.  And then I said,  "Surprise me!"    Yessiree, I trust her and she knows what I like, so what the heck.   She is starting this wednesday which is why I am clearing the room like mad. 
I have been thinking and dreaming of a big makeover like this for several years and I think the only reason that I'm finally doing something about it is
The above picture is only half of the new John Hopkins Hospital building.  As I have said before, my job is going to get purty darn busy soon and will probably stay that way for the summer.  So I think I need to get my sewing situation all organized.  That way when I have a little free time this summer, I will have a nice, inviting, and organized space to work in. 

Here is the other half of the new building.  Once again I'm sorry that the doggone picture isn't rotated.  Ack!  This is the new children's hospital and it is connected and to the right of the first structure.  I just love all the colored glass panels.  And the inside is so beautifully decorated.  The theme throughout the building is 'children's literature'.  There are original works of art all over with little placques about the children's book that inspired each piece.  And there are going to be some huge, fun, colorful sculptures out front and in the lobby.  It feels like a beautiful art museum.  When I get some photos, I'll show them.
I know I sort of, almost, maybe, thought about the possibility of getting a Handiquilter if I totally organized some stuff around here.  It is still an idea in my head, however that's a decision for much later.  I have a space planned for one if it makes it's way to me, but first I intend to assess the functionality of my space and design. 
Stay tuned friends.  Change.................. she is a'coming!!


  1. A new sewing space is something to get excited about. Imagine how creative you're going to feel in it.

    I think getting organised so you can have a great summer of sewing is a terrific idea.

  2. I think I see what you probably see when you look at those beautiful buildings - quilts!

  3. I was looking at your other pictures and I thought that looked like Johns Hopkins Hospital. I haven't seen it in such a long time. I went to school there in 2004-2005 and am now a Sonographer and I love it. I loved working at this hospital and I miss it. I am a country girl at heart and just couldn't get use to the city life. The new building looks great.

  4. A very smart idea to get organized so you can use your room whenever you have a few free minutes.