Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How about a little peek?

The sewing room makeover continues.  After I emptied eh-va-ree-thing out of the room (which means it's all over the rest of the house, eeps!), my friend Jennilyn started popping in while I was at work and playing with her paints. 

When I say playing, I mean it.  She loves to try different techniques and paint combos.  I wish I had pictures of the progression but the battery in my camera died, literally.  It wouldn't charge.  $52.00 later, I have a new one.  I could practically get a new camera for that.  Ok ok, enough kvetching (is that spelled right?).  Back to the paint.  Every day I came home, it looked different. Until......... this bright and cheerful room! 

I have to admit that the first day I came home from work, I liked the color but I was a little nervous.  The walls were ombre, light at the top then darker then darker.  It seemed a little dark for me and I found my eyes constantly looking for the changes in the colors.  Jennilyn said, "Trust me.  Wait for the total package." 

Ok.  I can do that.  The next day, the walls were many other colors and streaks.  And I believe they were also even darker than before.  I quietly closed the door and reminded myself that I know I can trust my friend.   And I was right.  The next day brought a layer of white with some cross-hatching technique as well as a bit of rick-rack to give some height to the room.
The floor is a creamy white, kinda like butter.  Mmmmmmm.
This room has nice light and the view is my favorite.  I will definitely share some photos of the view soon.  Hopefully I won't spend too much time staring out the windows, I would like to start using up some of the marvelous fabrics I have in my stash. 

You won't believe what happened next!!!!

We had talked about a checkerboard floor and I thought the surprise was going to be the colors.  Oh my my my!!  I got dots!  Woot woot, I love dots!

It reminds me of this book.  One of my favorites when I was young and when my kids were little.  Lots and lots and lots of dots!!  They are a nice size too,  see my feet?  Even with all the furniture back in the room, there will still be lots of dots showing, yay.


Every nook and cranny.

The floor needs to be sealed so it will be tough and put up with my sewing chair rolling around. 
I plan to give it time to set up nice and hard then I'll get busy with the real work of organizing. 
I am going on my guild's spring retreat this weekend (I'm leaving after I get a root canal on Thursday morning, waaaah).  I haven't sewn a stitch since the last retreat weekend so I am looking forward to getting some stitchy things done.
Have a great week and I'll keep you posted on my wild room makeover.
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  1. POLKA DOTS!! She certainly knows you!! Love it!

  2. I want to reserve some time to just come and sit in your room to soak up some inspiration. Hope you got to the "root" of your dental problem!

  3. wow wee dots so hip hop
    you go girl

  4. What a great sewing space. Have fun with it!