Saturday, April 14, 2012

Eeeeeeesh! It's been a week.

This past week I worked two 16 hours shifts, got a root canal, and went to a viewing and a funeral.  The husband of a close friend at work died suddenly last weekend.  It hits close to home, my age group with kids the same age as my kids.  I'm so sad for my friend.  I got off to a slow start today but I have been moving more and more things into The Studio.
How about I share some pictures of the new space. 
I swiped this table from under our desktop computer.  My little family of four used to share one desk top computer, but when the oldest headed to college we got her a laptop.  Then one by one we all got laptops.  The community computer became outdated, and lonely, so we recently decided to send it to computer heaven at the recycling center.  What a great table this is, it's so much bigger than I realized.  My dream for a long time has been to have more than one machine set up at the same time.  I think it's a great way to work on more than one project at the same time without having to change feet and thread etc.  This table can accomodate a machine and a cutting mat and have  room left over for the clutter that seems to pile up around me. (I cleared it all away for my pictures)  

Here's another one of my top quality photos.....not.  Although this is dark, the room gets fantastic light.  I took this shot standing just inside the doorway.  I have my Big Board on top of two sets of shelves and it fit perfectly!  Who knew!  I also brought in the CD towers that are perfect for fat quarters.  I had trouble finding the right spot for them.  After moving them around a few times, I decided to leave them here for now.   

While contemplating this makeover, I did a little research with magazines and quilt books, looking for ideas.  One source talked about feng shui for studios.  Like many quilters, I am inspired by my passion for color and fabrics.  I love (need) to see my fabric all the time.  One source suggested seeing your stash as you enter the room.  Therefore, this shot is straight from the door.  I would kind of like to have ALL of my stash together instead of here and there in the room but at this time, I just don't want to buy new shelving.  I want to use what I have for now.  Except the new TV, hee hee.  This flat screen fits nicely on the shelves and I can hook it up to my computer too.  Video tutorials anyone?  I am so proud of myself.  There was no cable hook up in this room so I got a new, long drill bit, drilled a hole through the wall from the closet next door and passed the cable right through!  I rock!

Another shot from the doorway.  I really think I can have several friends over to sew and play. 

 This is standing in the corner by the CD towers and looking back towards the door.  More stash, more storage.

Another view of the ironing corner.

Okay, now you can see where I'm not finished yet.  This is the closet, minus the doors.  I have plans to install sliding doors AND turn them into my design wall.  I have called upon my awesome and handy big brother to help out here.  I made sure to mention to him (more than once) how I drilled a hole through the wall for the cable hook up.  I didn't want him to think I am helpless and need him to do everything.  I also mentioned scouring Lowe's for hardware etc to see if I could install the doors myself.  He measured here and there and suggested a few things that did not mesh with my design wall idea.  I know he's helping me but I stood firm and we ended up with an idea for 'barn door' hardware to allow the doors to pass each other easily.  Oooooo goody, I can't wait. 

Do you see the horribly pathetic light fixture over by the TV?  That's it for the room, unless you count the light that's inside the closet.  It's a good thing there is so much natural light during the day.  My brother also gave me some ideas that his electrician friend can do for me.  Good lighting is crucial and I will definitely be making a careful decision about it. 

Two sewing machines all set up and ready.  I dusted them out and added a little squirt of oil.  I have power strips and extension cords  hooked up.  I am surrounded  by purty fabrics and have several projects in the works.  Now........where the heck is my mojo?  I just can't decide what to do next.  Does that ever happen to you?
I believe it's time to break in this spectacularly fantabulous sewing room!!


  1. Looks like a great will create up a storm in there! It is confronting when we lose our peers...sad for your friend.

  2. I found my mojo after a major spring clean and re-organsiation in my studio, your's will come back too! Go pick something real pretty to sew and come back and tell me how good it felt to be sewing again in that fabulous space! Happy quilting!

  3. Oh, my...this is a dream room. My totally favorite part is the polka dotted floor. How did you do that. As for your mojo...It is done the Nike way..Just do it!! Thank you for sharing your room.

  4. Looks great with your stuff moved in! Tell 39 Quilts she can hire me for dotted floor! I will travel for fabric!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your sewing space. You have given me some great ideas on how to improve my sewing suite (it just sounds grandiose). Keep sewing, it helps the soul.