Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bedbug

Last weekend I went on my guild's retreat.  A few of us went up on Thursday evening to get set up.  After we were there and unpacked, we heard that there had been a bedbug scare (one bug seen on someone's purse the week before.  Obviously they cleaned, scoured, treated, replaced etc etc.  That didn't stop half of the quilters from staying home.  Eleven of us chose to live on the edge and stayed.  We even bought a boatload of megamillions tickets hoping to win (we didn't, but until 11pm we had fun designing some awesome quilting studios/retreats in our heads). 
Here is my friend, Diane, and I showing off the wrist pincushion favors that our retreat organizer, Pauline made for all of us.  I was trying to look strong, "We can do it!  We ain't a'scared of no stinkin bedbugs!"
 Diane and I got silly and decorated our machines.  Here is Bernie, the Bernina that my mom and I share.  I use the verb share very loosely since I can't remember the last time Mom used Bernie.  I hope she doesn't mind the decor.
 Purty stickers!
 Very purty!
 Here is Diane's machine.  She likes the ladybugs.
 Lots of ladybugs!
 Hmmm, what could Ethel be doing?  It seems that she is pressing some of Diane's piecing for her.  And what is Diane doing?  It looks like she is standing in the background, socializing and scratching her head.  Everybody needs an Ethel on retreat!
 Still working on my orbs.  Oy!  I really, really didn't want to use black as a background, but over and over again it seemed to be the best choice with the other fabrics.  I decided, however, to use some applique circles to tone down the large black spaces.  I spent almost an entire day working on a border idea for this quilt and it looked like crap.  That's right, I called it crap. Actually, it is quite lovely but totally wrong for this top.  I believe it will end up as a little quilt at some time.  I have another idea for this top, something simple.  Hopefully, I can work on it soon. 
 I haven't done any sewing at home in weeks.  But I will soon.  BECAUSE, I have started moving into my new space.  I will show pictures soon.  I got held up.  After buying the very expensive camera battery, my camera pooped out altogether, went belly up.  So luckily I could return the battery and buy a new camera.  Nothing fancy, I'm a point and shoot kinda gal.  Remember I can't seem to figure out how to rotate my pictures and keep them that way. 
Anyway, check out this shot.  Looking down the hallway from the doorway of my old sewing space, you can see a bookshelf of my quilting books ready to be pushing into the new space on the left.  The doorway straight ahead is my son's room and I barely have nerve to peek in that messy place.  I have been moving in a little every day and , OMG, this is going to be a great space for me.  It's not gigantic but I still think I can have two, maybe even three, friends over for some fun sewing days together.  Mini marathons at Casa 9patch!

I will give you all a tour soon.  I still have some moving, sorting and arranging to do.  I ordered some NextDay Blinds and they will be here in eighteen days.  Get it?  Next day/ 18 days?  Oh well, they will be pretty.  I also need to get some help from big brother, Dave, with some closet doors.  He doesn't know it yet.   Yesterday I had fun with my power drill, yeehaw! 
Stay tuned, peeps!  And Happy Easter.  I'm off to eat my Mary Sue easter egg!

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  1. This post really makes me smile...because I am as excited to see your new studio as if it were my own. I am learning to live vicariously (did i spell that correctly) through the joy of others!