Sunday, January 6, 2013

Resolution (or suggestion?) #2

I'm wondering if it's even worth it to try to make this a resolution. " Keep my workspace uncluttered."
I'm pretty sure that's a Fail before it starts.  This is what it looks like today.  The fabrics to the left are from what I was working on last night.  Wanna know some of what is between the fabric and the computer? 

-2 date books, 2 things of lotion, a clip for my cell phone, full pencil holder, bag of pretzels, JoAnn's flyers, camera, netflix dvd, rotary cutters, scissors, $100 VISA gift card (woot woot!), TicTacs, 2 glasses cases, bar-b-q lighter, xmas card from a family whose son I used to take care of and a pack of cards so I can write them a note, an Emmylou Harris CD,2 lip glosses,2 hand sanitizers, 3 little notebooks, 2 remotes for the TV and cable box, pins, wallet, and last of all the container that is supposed to hold all the junk that accumulates.  It's mostly full and obviously isn't up to the task. Maybe I should just make a point to clear it up once a week.  Designate Friday nites or Saturday mornings.  Maybe.
  By the way, do you see the 3 pairs of shoes, 1 pair of slippers, and 1 pair of socks under the table?  I coulda cropped that out but I'm keeping it real here.  And there is another pair of shoes by the door.  I always sit Indian style in my chair so the shoes come off the minute I sit.  When I run out of shoes, I take them all back to my closet.
I've been working on the next row for the Wild Thread Mystery Row Quiltalong.  I'm no good at the mystery part though.  I think I'll change it to the WT Evolutionary Row QA, because the whole quilt is evolving as we go.  I thought I had all the rows decided but I keep changing them. 
There are a couple choices for the next row. Paper pieced or pieced.
Two styles of paper pieced.  An outline house and a solid house.  It is such a simple design that I was able to sketch it into a foundation pattern.  My first time!

Disclaimer alert!!  In no way am I representing any of these blocks as my own design.  I see things all over blogland and Pinterest and in books.  The only thing I have done is drawn out my version of an idea I have gotten somewhere.  If I were to look at someone else's design and try to copy it, I would be sure to give credit and a link.  I know I saw an outline house like this somewhere and I really liked the idea.  When I wanted to do a row of houses, I decided to sketch up the idea. I'm sorry but I have no idea where I first saw it or if it was just like this.  I think that's ok but feel free to share (nicely) if you have another viewpoint on this. 

I tried a pieced version first in the other colorway and wasn't sure I liked it.  You can see both versions here.  The first colorway I made five 9 inch blocks.  The second is back to six 8 inch blocks.

  The roofs actually have a little 'overhang' that I didn't intend. Quilter's math can be really challenging for me when it comes to angles. And I really liked geometry in high school. Go figure

Although the overhangs are kinda cute, getting the intersections to line up correctly etc was a real pain.
Here are the first three rows.
Has anybody been wondering how my lil pinkie is doing?  It's been 2 and a half weeks and there is just a little bit of a raw and tender spot left.  It was a third degree burn so it's just taking a while to get closed up.  I can bend it now so I'm happy.   

I do have a couple more resolutions for 2013 that I will share  this month.  And February should be fun.  It's my birthday month so I think I will have a few 'Get to know me' posts.  And a giveaway at the end of the month.  Yippee!


  1. Yay! I like the houses. I can't decide which house I like better!! I think I would like to do the outline with the overhang for my next row. I am glad your finger is better. That was one serious burn.

  2. That's a great resolution. My sewing room is crazy! I blame it on being too small to keep organised :) Your house are fun! And I really like the yellow quilt I see hanging on your design wall!