Friday, October 23, 2009

How DID she do that?

OK! Go find a paperback book, size doesn't matter (we're talking about books people!) but the more pages, the fuller the finished jack-o-lantern. Open the book, fan the pages, and pull the covers together. It's a good thing to bend and fold and loosen up Mr. Spine (I like giving the book a little bit of an identity). Now that you have shown Mr. Book and Mr. Spine who is boss, the folding begins. Start with the covers and fold the outside edges all the way in to Mr. Spine and crease them in half. I like to fold the covers with the outside in so that the lighter side will show on the crease.

It doesn't hurt to use a little tape to hold the covers in their folded position. Now just keep folding all of the pages the same way, outside edge in to Mr. Spine.
As you go along, you will see that the book will stand on it's own.
When all of the pages are folded, you may need to bend and fan the pages a little to even it out. Then it's time to decorate. I used fabric backed with some interfacing to stiffen it. A little glue gun action and you're ready to say 'BOO!'. You could also use heavy paper or cardstock, etc. Whatever floats your boat.
You can also try different ways of folding the pages for slightly different shapes. Try folding the top outer corner in to the spine (oops, I mean Mr. Spine).
And I have an idea that if I fold the top outer corner in, then the bottom outer corner in, I might end up with a Christmas ornament shape. Hmmm, I'm glad I have so many paperbacks around the house. I am getting visions of glitter, ribbons, beads, hangers, sequins, and all sorts of 'whatnot'. Have some fun and see what happens.
TGIF everybody!!!
ps - no books were harmed in the making of this post. If you get bored some rainy day, make some tea, get comfy, unfold some pages, and start reading!


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