Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Uh oh!

I know that it's only October but if you like to make some (or all) of your holiday gifts, it's time to Get Busy!! I went on quilt retreat a few weeks ago and decided to try an idea I had, fabric bags that my friends could use as lunch bags. There are tutorials all over crafty blogland for various bags. I pulled ideas from several of them and went for it. I think this is cute. As I was holding it up to show my retreat friends, I saw the FLAW!! Uh oh! Can you see it? Doggone selvage! Yes it's Kaufman fabric.
Wellllll, looks like it's time to consider some embelishing or something. Maybe a ribbon around it with a friend's name on it, or a bow. Anyway, this stumble slowed me down a little but I'm gonna get back on this horse. And I think I will make little covers for freezer packs to put in the bottom of the lunch bags, and maybe velcro or button closures. What do you think? Any ideas to 'salvage the selvage mishap'?


  1. get a blue sharpie and start coloring...

  2. Selvages have feelings too, you know!

  3. It's beautiful, just like you!