Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Indecision is a plagueing my sewing room.

Do you remember these blocks?  I made them with some of the fabrics that I bought in NYC on my anniversary weekend in October.                                    

I finished the quilt top last weekend at a sewing marathon with some friends.  We auditioned a bunch of different fabrics for the inner and outer borders and came up with this.  The inner border is a dark gray kona cotton.  I don't know the name of this shade but I will when my kona color card comes.  It's on backorder, waaah!                                                                                         

I put together the middle border using all my scraps.  I am undecided on the backing.  Maybe a solid kona.  Maybe something else.  I sure do like the red and yellow!!!

When I am stumped on a decision, I just start fiddling and goofing around.  Check out this little painted wooden sofa and cat my mom gave me for my birthday.  Completely silly and I love it. This little kitty is wondering when the movie will start and she wishes she had a date, lol.

Oh goody!  A handsome tomcat.

Whaaat!?  Competition?  What a flirt.

Hmmmm?  Look at this foxy dude.

Boo!  Mind if I join you guys?   

Boy this elephant takes up a lot of room.                         

Uh oh, they all moved over and one fell out!!

Oh thank goodness, the movie is starting!

See the pinwheels?  They are the other source of supreme indecision.  I have 45 of them and they are 9 inches finished.  I plan on using a purty green kona (cactus) for sashing with some assorted cornerstones.  The problem is,  should I put the blocks 5 across and 9 down?  I worry that this will make it too long compared to the width, but I could put on wide side borders.   Or 6 across and 7 down with a few left for the back?  Or some other combo?   I could use some opinions, if you don't usually comment please consider weighing in on this.  I'd like to quit playing with painted cats and start sewing.
Thank you!!


  1. well, for the first I would do the gray for the back. I love gray though ;) And on the second one I would do 6 across and 8 down because I like even numbers. See, pretty scientific right?

  2. Lisa, I think any one of the prints would look great as the backing. How about two or three of them into the backing. As far as a border goes, I would pick a nice strip of solid Kona that compliements, one that is already in the quilt top. Can't wait to see the finished product. Love the yellow and red quilt! YUM! I have always to do a quilt like that one.

  3. I'm just a new quilter,but I'd use a print for the backing. Love the red and yellow combo:) The pinwheels are so feminine looking -- all the floral prints -- just gorgeous. P.S. The whole cat on a sofa thing --what can I say? (lol)

  4. Have you played around with an on point lay out, you may find the blocks go a little further and you have a more even sized quilt. If nto I'd not make it so long and use the spares on the back with a plain to two! But then again I love a back that surprises too!

  5. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

  6. I'm a green person so I like the thought of green sashing and if you continue that with green backing and feature 3 green centred blocks randomly on it and make the front 6 x 7 blocks. I think 54" x 63" is a nice size for 2 adults to snuggle under on the lounge(sofa) *insert cheeky grin here*.

  7. Wait!
    How's the movie? I hope they are gonna do a review! Too cute.....I am still laughing.
    I like Trudi's idea of on point.....she does really cool stuff with her quilts have you looked at her blog and her cool new sewing space? Let's go over to her place!

    Happy sewing