Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gotta love free Wi-Fi and Panera bagels.

Hi bloggy friends.  Here I sit in Panera so I can use their wi-fi.  That's right, no internet or cable at our house.  A wicked storm charged through our area last night and some lightning and thunder action and a kaboom......blah blah blah.  Thank goodness we have power though.  I worked 16 hours yesterday so I could have off today because I am heading out for retreat this evening. I am perturbed that I have to leave without knowing who got voted off Survivor.  Oh please tell me it was Philip with the pink underpants.  He is koo koo.   Anyway it's just past 4pm and I plan to leave for Halifax, PA at about 5:30 (always good to plan to hit the road at rush hour, right?). 
   Have I finished packing? ------ NO
   Do I know what I want to work on? --------NO
   Did I make something tasty for our potluck dinner? -------NO
   Is my house tidy?  ------- Not really.

    I did do a load of laundry, tidy the kitchen, and run the dishwasher.  I filled my gas tank and bought some chocolate (I have my priorities straight!).  I had a nice talk with my son who has a close friend with some serious health problems. (yup, I really do have my priorities in place)  I am showered and dressed (thank goodness since I am in Panera!) and my hair is fluffy and sweet smelling!  Now I just have to make a decision for my projects and load the car.
    Do you think it's bad that I haven't yet told my retreat roomate that I have been told I snore?  I packed lots of earplugs : ) .
     Sorry I don't have any pictures today but I promise to take some at retreat.  Let's hope I have internet when I get home on Sunday.
     By the way, here's a tidbit of info.  I can wiggle my ears, and so can both of my kids!
  Have a great weekend friends, I know I will.


  1. Hi......I'm Suzanne, Stephanie's Mom,

    Sure you will have a fabulous time this weekend.

    I have loved checking out your blog, your quilts. Stephanie is right, you are so very creative.


  2. PS. It wasn't Phillip as I am sure you know by now. I am with you - he is bizarre :) Have a great time on your retreat.