Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Wonksters!!

I am still playing around with my wonky blocks.  I should mention that it takes longer to make a wonky block than a classic block.  I didn't expect that.  Instead of using speed techniques to makes lots of  identical half square triangles, each one gets made individually.  Here are the first dozen. (yes, I still hadn't fixed the first one.)
Up to nineteen.  I am using my hand-dyed fabrics for some of these.
 Twenty-three!!  AND,  I finally fixed it.  I feel much better now, lol.
This picture doesn't do this one justice.  I like the pink and aqua together, very cheerful.
SURPRISE !!  It came, my Kona color card came!   Boy is this going to come in handy for this 'year of the solid'.  I plan on using solids to pull together lots of tops using my scraps and my stash.   For now, I just want to drink in all the pretty colors.   Mmmmmmm.


  1. Love those bright wonky blocks!

  2. those are so fun! wonky is hard for me - i like to follow the rules and it's tough for me to wing it. you did great!

  3. Looks really great! Nice to see all the different colors. Do you still have snow around??

  4. I like your wonky blocks. :) I'm wondering where you got the Kona card? blessings, marlene