Monday, September 12, 2011

Just a quickie post!

Here are some pics of the two quilts I cut out during the hurricane when I didn't have any power.  The pattern is from Boo Davis' book that I linked to in the last post.  I don't know why blogger let me upload these two photos but I'm not arguing.  Are these doggies cute or what?  I just rummaged around in my stash for the fabrics and wow.  Who knew I had so many browns?  I didn't. 

This design is a little addictive.  I really want to try different color combinations.  I couldn't resist making a red 'Clifford' doggie with a fun aqua background. 
I am still working on getting more storage space so I can get back in business with my posts.  My latest problem is that I can't seem to get back to the page that I can order the storage space from.  Yeesh!  It popped up before when I was trying to upload my photos so I keep trying which is very time consuming.  And then a couple photos went through!  Nutty!
Anyway,  thanks to all of you for being patient.  I have kept busy in the sewing room and really do have things to show.  This past weekend I declared war on my stash.  I have a lot of fabrics that just aren't doing it for me anymore and I want to buy newer and brighter fabrics.  To make room,  I decided to just USE SOME UP.  I pulled out a couple piles of fat quarters and ironed them and chopped them up.  I cut them into 10 inch squares and then made a bunch of half square triangles.  Charity quilts coming up people!  I will definitely send one to the Basics Quilt Gather.  Victoria and Pat Sloan are trying to get a few hundred quilts together  this fall.  How's your stash doing?  Need to make room for new stuff?  Bang out a quick and easy quilt and get a warm fuzzy at the same time by donating to a cause.


  1. I love the dogs! Such imagination of whom ever designed them. I'm going to have to check out that pattern.

  2. <3 Love those doggies. Going to look for that book!

  3. These are so stinkin' cute!!

  4. Love those doggies. Dortha