Sunday, September 4, 2011

What's a gal to do?

Well!!! I am a bit bugged. I have been trying for days and days to publish a post with some super cute photos but I can't get the photos to upload.  First it works very slowly then says 'network connection is lost'.  Same thing for days and I have been perilously close to having a potty mouth over it.  Today I got a window message that said I have run out of storage space with Picasa.  More storage space is available for purchase and is cheap.  Has this happened to anyone?  Did you buy more storage?  Did that fix the problem?  How much storage does a blogger need?  I have gotten a ton of free enjoyment, entertainment and inspiration from the blogging world so I can't complain about a $5 charge for 20 GB. 
    What is a quilter to do without power?  For example when a hurricane blows through and leaves you without power for 3 days.  And don't even think about feeling sorry for us because 3 days is a record.  We have never gotten power back that fast.  And even better, this time we were able, for the first time, to power our water pump with our generator.  Woo hoo!  Homes with wells need to power their water pumps to get water.  I can live without electricity for way longer than I can cope without water.  We breezed through  Irene's aftermath.  And can I say that there is so much more time in the day without the distraction of the computer or TV.  I read 4 books for one thing.  And what went on in the sewing room?  Well, since I expected to be without power, I spent Saturday finishing two quilt backs.  So first off,  I got 2 quilts sandwiched and basted and ready for quilting.  Then I decided to cut up fabric for some new quilts.  I actually made a list of things to do that included 'cut out 3 quilts'.  I got two done and as soon as the power was back, I zipped them right together.  Lordy, they are cute!!      
     When I went to New York recently, my friend and I had a little time to kill and popped into a Borders bookstore that was having a liquidation sale.  I found several books that I was interested in.  Since we had a bunch of walking around to do and didn't want to have to carry the books around, we decided to come back later on our way to the bus when we were leaving and had our rolling suitcases.  Oops, we didn't make it back and of course I REALLY wanted one of the books, a great quilt book by Boo Davis,  Dare to be Square Quilting.  Well, I could not remember the author or the name of the book but I thought I might recognize the cover.  Mostly, I just remembered a specific quilt in the book that I HAD to make.  I headed to Amazon and searched under rew release quilting books.  Then I scrolled through page after page until, ta dah!  I found it. With no power, I picked fabrics and cut out all the pieces for  2 tops in that design I fell in love with.  As soon as I solve my photo upload issue, I'll share.  And I'll have more to show too because I got the book, Quilts, Baby by Linda Kopp at the library and I am making multiples of one of the designs in that book too.  My sewing room was tidy briefly but now there is fabric and freezer paper patterns everywhere.
      I also made some silly things with Mod Podge.  It's sad how much trash we generate at the hospital.  I started recycling something from work.  Completely dopey but vaguely useful and I had fun.  Bet you're really itching for those photos aren't you?
     If you have any insight on the photo storage issue, puh leeze share it with me.  Thank you!


  1. I have no idea about the storage. Really, and I'm anxious to see your picture too! Sounds like your ISP is flaking out on you, you might want to give them a call about the network connection.. could be your modem I suppose.
    The Dare to be Square quilting book looks like a lot of fun! As a nurse (basically retired) I can't wait to see what you are using from work!
    Have a great labor day. :)

  2. I use blogger as well, have had problems from time to time, you can try switching between the new and old editors and see if that helps--has done the trick for me in the past. My last post was on Thursday and I didn't have trouble uploading...

  3. This happened to me. I went ahead and bought more storage for the $5. Other options are opening a free account on Flickr (just know that it has storage limits too and when you want more, you will pay more than $5) and then there's Photobucket (which also allows you a free account).
    I have a Flickr account and I've already maxed it out, so that's why I determined to just pay the $5 and go with more storage on Picasa. I don't have experience with Photobucket, but they might be a choice for you, if you want to check them out.

    Hope this helps!