Sunday, September 18, 2011

Not quite.

How do you like my little setup?  I got this swing for mother's day and I am loving it.  I complained a little bit about missing it when it rained for days.  It's wide enough to stretch  out completely with a book, AND the back actually folds down flat if anyone is interested in an afternoon snooze.  Who could that be?
Anyway, yesterday I finally got my act together and ordered up some more Picasa storage to solve my blogging problem.  They said it might take up to 24 hours to go through and they weren't fooling.  I brought my computer and some books out to the swing.  Got Pandora radio playing, opened blogger and then........... it took 5 minutes, FIVE!, to get that picture to upload.  So forgive me for skipping the other pictures I was going to show you.  Maybe tomorrow.  Today, I give up on my plan for blogging.
Now I'm going to stretch out, put my head on a pillow or two (I made these from vintage tablecloths) and read my book until 1pm when the Ravens play the Titans.  If you didn't hear, the Ravens are on fire so far this year.  They gave the Steelers such a whuppin last week, I've been grinning for a week. Sorry Steeler's fans. (not really) 


  1. Your patio set up looks like the kind of place I could easily fall asleep if I sat there for more than about 5 minutes. Very inviting!

  2. What a nice spot to dream of sewing!