Friday, January 27, 2012


(sorry this is sideways, I goofed)



I have the speakers hooked up to the computer and Pandora is playing classic rock!  I have the day off and I am planning a blitz attack on  this sewing room.  

I'm gonna  try not to disturb  my babies who are snuggled together in the next room.  Chet is the black and white in the back and Rosie is the tabby.  Rosie is a manx cat, no tail.  This picture is so deceptive because Chet is such a chubby guy and weighs at least twice as much as Rosie.  She's a little feather, but boy can she hunt.  Always leaving gifts on the doormat.  Gifts from Rosie are carcasses;  moles, mice, birds, and once a bunny.  Dreadful I know but she is still my precious darling, lol.
Stay tuned for some 'AFTERS'.

btw - if you have never seen 'Tin Men' starring Danny DeVito and Richard Dreyfuss,  you really should.   If anything, you need to see the scene where the siding salesmen snooker the Baltimore  housewife into wanting to be the 'after'. (it's not naughty I promise!)  Watch the clip here on youtube.  And, omg, the movie is worth it just to hear the exaggerated Baltimore accents (Baltimorese)

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