Sunday, January 29, 2012


It's hard for me to clean and sort through my sewing room.  I have trouble resisting the urge to stop and play. I stayed strong for a little while though before giving in to some sewing.  Here is a peak at my day spent 'cleaning'.
I wouldn't have to clean up so often but I have a problem with surfaces.  I cover them up.  I pile, stack, shuffle, move, shove, rearrange and just generally collect stuff on any available surface.  This is my Big Board ironing surface.  When I began tidying up look what I found buried under some fabric.

My hammer.  I used it about 2 weeks ago to help me get some screws out of the Big Board.  I used to have it attached to 2 rolling carts with baskets.  I really love being able to roll things around to where I need them but the big ironing surface took up so much room and, as you can see, it attracts clutter.  I removed it from the carts and now it's propped behind the door where I can easily pull it out and put it across my cutting table when I need it. 

Ok, moving on.  Next up is my newest quilt book purchase.  Judy Laquidara's book on pieced borders.  I really wanted to stop and poke around in this book but I forced myself to tuck it away.

I did play (mess around) in this box for a bit.  This is a box of thrift store shirts and also some 'closet cleanout' cotton clothing that I thought I might recycle. 
I decided to keep these items out for a couple of specific projects that are in the pipeline.

Remember when Laura Ashley dresses were THE thing to have?  I love this cotton fabric  so I chopped up the dress.  I am intrigued by the button bodice and think I may be able to use it.  Can't tell you what for though because some people I know read this blog. 

A co-worker asked me if I would make a pencil roll for her daughter.  She also told me that her daughter's favorite color is lime green.  I decided I could used some of this shirt, including the pocket.

Vintage tablecloths.   Isn't that red and aqua one on the left just yummy?  A few of these have been cut up a little.  I made some pillows with them a few years ago.  Back into storage these went to be saved for another day.

I got these pachaged of cloth napkins from Wisteria last year on sale.  They have questions around the border for dinner table coversation. 

One for adults.

Another for kids.  I haven't decided what to do with them yet,  so they will continue to marinate in the cupboard.

Oooooo goody, more vintage!  I snagged this child's apron years ago.  Maybe some day I'll have a grandaughter who will bake with me.

Cute little cat faces on the pockets.

I got these hand stitched beauties at a quilt show a few years ago.  I'm saving them for just the right project.  They have the most unbelievably tiny and perfect stitches.

I checked on the kitties.  Chet appears to be guarding Rosie, and keeping her warm too.

Oy!  This UFO is beginning to haunt me.  Tiny apple cores, all hand stitched.  I photographed it with my shoes for scale.  It's a charm quilt, no fabric is used more than once, and I have at least 400 pieces.  I think it may end up as a table topper in the dining room between meals.  Some day.

Getting better don't you think?

Hmm, what's all this in the hallway?   Forgive the sideways picture,  I am getting used to using Picasa.

I felt that I deserved a reward for making progress so I stopped to whip up the pencil roll.  I just happened to have some cute lime green batik.

Instead of just slots for pencils, I included a larger pocket on the right for cards or a notebook and on the left I attached a pocket from the thrift store shirt.  It has a nice button placket.  I didn't want to deliver the roll empty so I got some cute pencils with a little eraser and sharpener that I can hide in the pocket.  And I found some adorable little cards at HomeGoods (my new favorite store).

Connect the dots,  how cute is that?
Posted by PicasaWell,  don't go far folks because I actually got some more sewing done this weekend.  Every weekend should be a three day weekend don't you think?  Of course I had to work 16 hours on Thursday to be off on Friday.  bleh
Have a pleasant Sunday evening, I plan to.


  1. Some interesting things here! I see you're a hoarder like me with all those items you'll make something from one day. I am never going to post photos of my sewing area - tooooo embarrassing :O.

  2. But... did you find the missing step stool??

  3. Hmmm.. your blog must be on PST.. I certainly did not post my comment at 0544!!

  4. Well done...lots of treasures rediscovered and lots achieved!