Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's my Birthday!!

I had a great weekend.  Today is my birthday and my Wild Thread friends came over to celebrate.  We had a birthday swap and everyone got a present.  This is my friend Kathy and her birthday was yesterday.  She had recently been talking about painting her kitchen hot pink.  She lives with her husband and 3 sons so she needs to take a stand somewhere.  I decided to make her a hot pink oven mitt, and just for fun I appliqued a green monster on it. 
Hot pink Monster Mitt!
I drank my lemonade out of this lovely goblet from a friend at work.  I call it my  'Hillbilly Wine Glass'.   My daughter wants it badly but she's not getting it.  I think it will look pretty cute filled with colorful buttons!

Here's some of the gang chowing down at a table full of goodies.

And here's the rest of the gang.  Trish is on the right wearing a cool handmade crown which was part of her gift from our absentee thread, Jennilyn.
After we filled our tummies and swapped our gifts and some bee blocks we have been working on,  I even let the gals have a peek at my sewing room.  It's not perfect but it's about as good as it's gonna get.  I had to confess that I don't have ALL of my fabric in there yet but I'm getting closer.  I discovered that a pretty good way to get inspired is to fondle and fold all of your fabric.  I have been having so much fun finding fabrics that I forgot I had. 
Last weekend I had 3 baby quilts all sandwiched and basted.  This weekend 2 of them are quilted and bound.  Tomorrow before I go to work in the afternoon, I will start quilting the last one.  And I promise I'll post some 'after' pictures of the sewing room. 
I hope everyone had  a nice weekend too. 


  1. Happy Birthday. Looks like you had a great day. Love that wine glass and Kathy's oven mitt is fantasic-even if she doesn't get her pink kitchen at least she has some pink!

  2. Happy Birthday! May you have a ton more birthdays before it's all said and done! Love that oven mitt, and that is a very cool hillbilly wine glass!

  3. Happy birthday Lisa. Sorry I missed the actual day.