Sunday, February 5, 2012

Still not ready for an 'After' picture

I had things pretty tidy for a short while.  Then I decided that I needed to rearrange this shelving unit.  Shelves are tricky because they can  so easily get all cluttered looking.  The next thing I knew I had this...............

 big mess on my hands.  Phooey! 
Well,  I will keep working on my space and keep you posted. 
 I did refold and organize my solids.  Once again I'm sorry for the sideways picture.  Ugh,  when I edit I can't seem to get the rotation to stick.  Aren't these pretty? 
 Check out my design wall!  My red doggie has a border.  Wheeee!  And I quilted it this weekend too.  This is going to a friend at work whose baby is due in April.  I don't know if she's having a boy or a girl but I think this little 'Clifford' will do. 
 And remember that I told you my co-workers are in baby mode, I am busy quilting this quilt for another friend who is due in April. 
I also made something incredibly cute this weekend but I can't share it yet.  My Wild Thread friends are coming over next weekend for a birthday celebration. (it's my birthday!)  We are having a birthday swap.  I thought long and hard about what to make my swap buddy.  I even started something last weekend, then a lightbulb went off.   It's perfect and I promise I'll show you next weekend after I give it to her.
Have a great week everybody.  I hope I stay productive in the sewing room.  Right now I I have lots of ideas and inspiration waiting to keep me busy.

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