Sunday, September 30, 2012

Look if you dare!

How about I just quietly show you the yummies I carted home from New  York? 
I like to sew from my stash and I always have lots of trouble when I need larger pieces for backing.  Sooo, I was on the lookout for prints that look good in larger pieces. 
These pachyderms are 8 by 11 inches!  I got three yards, wheeeeee!

This print is from Kellie's (Don't Look Now) first fabric line, Rush Hour.  She has the most fantastic applique patterns. 
There's always room for Aneela Hooey fabrics!

More pretties that I couldn't pass up.

I have no idea what to do with this but it was too precious to pass up.

I love this New York City print!  I plan to put it smack dab on the back of something. I just don't think I can cut it up.

I made something today.  It's for a Wild Thread swap so I can't show it yet.  I really like it though and I want one for myself!  I also finished quilting and binding my Great Granny Quilt.  I don't have a picture yet but soon I promise.
Have a good Monday! 

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