I just thought I would share with y'all the progress I made yesterday. I stayed up past midnight working on my GGQ (great granny quilt). I determined yesterday that I need to make at least 5 more if I set it on point. If I decide not to set it on point, I will need 9 (NINE) more!!!! Guess which way I'm leaning? So I ransacked the room, stacked the mini design boards, and got to work. This morning I am surveying the progress (damage). I have one block decided and laid out on its little board. I have 2 others waiting for a great granny to adopt them. Another is missing a mommy and a fifth needs a grandmom. The problem with the 5th one is that the mom and the great grandmom don't seem to get along well. I think they are giving each other the evil eye. I am hoping to find a sweet lil granny to bring peace to that household. However, as I look at it now, I am thinking that the baby is kind of a dud. Harsh words I know. Sooooooo, the reality of the whole dingity ding dong process is that SCRAPPY AIN'T EASY FOR ME!!!!!!!! And the final answer is.............. this GGQ is getting it's ass put ON POINT!!!!!!!