Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I have things to do today.  I thought I had two days off in a row but a friend at work has a sick baby so I volunteered to work a 12 hour shift for her tomorrow.  And I slept late today and have a dental checkup.  So I really need to tackle some chores.  But first..................I thought I'd share with you a peak at some pictures from my front yard, and I'll throw in some of the nonsense that putters through my brain as well. 
Every fall, this little family of toadstools pop up under our pine tree.  I love when they come and I finally got some pictures.
I discovered something today that apparently I never knew before.  I cannot gracefully put my pants on if I put the left leg in first.  I know people are left-handed or right-handed but I didn't know I was right-legged. 
 Look at this little family.
   I am a little bit ambidextrous. I am a leftie when it comes to writing and eating. I use scissors with my right hand but most of us probably do because that's how the scissors are made. I rotary cut with both hands and I love to make one cut with one hand and then switch to the other so I don't have to move my ruler.
These toadstools get more facinating the closer I get.
  When I learned new nursing skills like inserting IV's or giving shots, or placing catheters, I had to think hard which way to do it and I ultimately use whichever hand suits the side of the bed I am on.
I may have to use my friend Google to find out what the underside of these are called.  They are so delicate.
   This morning I was trying to rush when I got dressed (remember all the chores I'm supposed to be doing?)  When I rush, I really just act all goofy.  I start brushing my teeth and walk all around trying to get dressed at the same time.  Which means I constantly start and stop brushing.  Brush a little, put on underpants, brush a little, put on bra, brush a little, attempt to put on shirt without getting toothpaste all over.......get the picture?
Look at these guys.  Are they the wacky neighbors or just young toadstools that haven't popped open yet?
So this morning, I was brushing and dressing at the same time.  I brushed, put on a sock, brushed, THEN picked up my jeans.  Here is where I made my discovery.  (I really do wonder how many people are still reading this)  I felt a pause, an awkward moment of indecision. I WANTED to put my right foot in first but I guess since I had just put a sock on it, it was the left foot's turn.  So I put my left leg into my pants first.   Revelation time!  I felt totally awkward and unbalanced and had to fumble all around to finally end up dressed.  I felt like you do when you try to eat soup with the wrong hand.  The spoon turns a little, soup spills out, and you end up standing on your pant leg and can't pull them up.  And you still have a toothbrush hanging out of your mouth of course!
Look at me!  I'm king of the Toadstool Patch!
Oops.  I think he smiled too hard.
So that's what went through my head this morning.  Most surprising (or ridiculous) is that I decided to sit down and write about it.  Especially since I really have to get going around here.   I mostly just wanted to share these pictures.
And this little fella, he showed up on the other side of the yard all by himself.
So what did I really learn this morning?  No time is saved by trying to do everything at once.  (and I'll do anything to put off cleaning the litter box)
The End


  1. SO? Did you ever get dressed? :)

  2. I just knew it...you were avoiding something!! My grandma was ambidextrous..and my mother was always jealous of that...hmmm I want my IV's put in by just one hand, and just in one arm..thank u...

  3. I LOVE this post! Between getting dressed and the Toadstool Family, i'm grinning my head off! Classic!

    1. Thanks Jo! Maybe I'll share what goes through my peabrain more ofter, lol.