Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Prep, 9patch style.

If you haven't heard, there's a hurricane called Sandy headed my way.  Actually she's kinda here already.  We know for a certainty that we will lose our power and it will likely be out for at least a week.  Since moving back to the family farm about 10 or 12 years ago, we have had experiences with no power several times.  Never with such dire warnings though.  I really love the advance warning.  I don't know how the meteorologists do it but,  THANK YOU!!
We have well water and that's the rub.  No power means no water.  Unacceptable!  Shortly after we moved here, we went 6 days without power and I think I suffered with PTSD for a couple years after that.  All I ask for is a cup or two of coffee in the morning and a shower.  After a couple of days, our county opened one of the high schools on the weekend for sad folks like us to go take a shower in the locker rooms.  Whoopee!
Since that storm and a couple others (and thanks to a little tornado that pulled the power lines right off our house) we now have a generator AND a fancy cord and plug with a gigando outlet on the outside of our house.  We can now have power for our water pump, the refrigerator, and our bathrooms.  Using the outlets in the bathrooms, we can plug in a few lights.  Maybe even a little gadget called a sewing machine.
So, what have I done to prepare?  My laundry is done, all dishes are clean, everything outside that can blow around has been put away, the generator is out and primed, and the gas cans are full.  But, most importantly, I have done some sewing every chance I got. 
I now have 43 blocks done for the Scrappy Stash Quilt Along.  I decided I had to make one more in each color because I really want to set the blocks in color rows.  
 The above picture is how I ended up putting them.  I had to ponder the pink row for a while.  It really doesn't have a place in the ROYGBIV color wheel.  I tried it up with the red and orange but............ bleh.
 I tried to fit in the grays and blacks that I made but no go.
 Even alternated the black and gray blocks but...............nah.
The wind is really gusting now and it's making me type faster and faster to get this posted before I am stuck without internet service.  By the way, there is an old oak tree out back that has a 20 degree lean now towards the house.  Dang it!  IF it falls, it will probably land on my old sewing room.  I just moved everything in there away from the outside wall.  My pretty red washer and dryer are in there.  I hope they make it. 
I'll check in when I can.  Stay safe everyone, I think I'll spend my time this week cutting fabric for some quilts.


  1. Be safe...we have that no water thing too. We lost power in an ice storm for two never got above 38 degrees in the house, but not having coffee was the worst! I think no water is worse than no heat! Make the best of it and stay safe!

  2. Stay safe! Will keep checking in for news :).

  3. Keep safe. Hope the damaage is minimal.

  4. Forgot to say I'm loving the quilt.

  5. Lisa, good to know you have a generator. Frank and I will be over later with the two dogs! :) jk. I am trying to figure out if I can get my treadle machine working so I can sew! Stay safe!

  6. Stay safe...will be thinking of you xx