Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scrappy Stash Quilt Along quilt is ready for quilting.

I got the Scrappy Stash top done during the big storm last week.  We were so convinced we would lose power that I was practically holding my breath the whole time.  I didn't want to risk a fancy border (more like I fully embraced an excuse not to get involved in one, lol) so I used this great black and white fabric.  I wish I had gotten a close up picture of it, it's all letters in different fonts.  This fabric is going on my list of prints tht I have to snap up whenever I find some.  So great as a 'neutral' for my stash.
 I decided to follow the color order of a color wheel and then I put the pink at the bottom with the purple.
For the back I followed the same color wheel idea.  I used the black and gray blocks on the back. 

I'm not sure how I will quilt this yet.  I know I just blathered on about spending more time on my quilting and giving it some proper effort.  BUT, this quilt needs to be done in about a week.  There is a deadline for the quilt along if I want to have a chance for some fun prizes.  That's not why I joined in but, heck, I'm this close. 
Gosh, I think I really like this cheerful quilt!
Since the rain has stopped, I thought I would get some pictures of our fallen tree.  Now you can get an idea of how big it is.   
This is the tree that I always aimed for when throwing old fruit out back.  My son and have occasional competitions to see who can hit it.  I'm not too good, :(
I guess I'm gonna have to find another target.
This is the top of the tree.  I can't believe how lucky we were.  First, we never lost power which is UNHEARD of for us.  If a neighbor sneezes, our power goes out.  And, this tree couldn't have fallen better unless it want backwards into the woods.  The top branches missed our power lines to the house by about 3 feet.  Wow!
I feel so bad for all of the communities north of us who were hit so hard.  It could have been us and our neighbors.  I plan to participate in one of the relief efforts for those hard hit.  If interested, you can check out this post.
I couldn't resist hopping into the hole left by the uprooted tree.  Brrrr, I was cold!

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  1. Love the finished quilt and the print fabric you used as the borders. No ideas on how to quilt it sorry.
    That is one bit tree that felled and so pleased for you that it did no damage.