Monday, November 12, 2012

Scrappy Stash Quiltalong Finish!

Last night I finished the binding on this quilt. 

I did not have an easy time getting a good photo of it but I'm sure you can get a good idea of it.
It was really fun to see what I could do with my scraps.  I never would have expected such a bright and pretty finish. 
I definitely plan to do this again.  And golly gee I think I have enough scraps for another quilt or two or seventy!
Since I didn't use my black, white and gray blocks on the front, I used them up on the back.
I also dug into my stash for a variety of colors for the back.  I confess that I recently bought enough yardage of several different fabrics to use for backings but............I didn't want to use them up yet.  Good grief.  Do your fabrics need to 'marinate' the way mine do before you can use them?

And another shot of the front.  Still trying to get a good shot, har har.

This black and white is really fun.  If I ever find more like it, I will certainly grab it!
Do you ever dig around in your stash and find something you forgot you had?  How about something you can't even remember buying?  That is this multicolor stripe.  Lordy me this is a cheerful fabric and so perfect for this quilt!  Yay me for getting it whenever I got it.
And my label.  I tried some 'geometric meandering', or that's what I call it.  Easier said than done.  I really had to work on making crisp, sharp turns.  Curvy comes easier to me.
This quilt is already bagged up and headed out the door bright and early tomorrow morning.  I am going to give this to one of my long time nurse friends (over 30 years).  She became sick recently and  received a devastating diagnosis just today.  Although I am joining in with others at work in donating sick time hours and helping in other ways (she has two young adopted children), I told my husband that I don't really know what to do besides give her a quilt.  I know she will love it but sometimes I just get all literal and can't figure out what makes quilts so different.  I mean, a fluffy bathrobe is cozy right?  Whatever it is, I know it's what I need to do and I hope she gets many chances to snuggle under it with her daughters this winter.  
I'm glad I got this one done.  On to the next!


  1. Lisa, this is beautiful and I know your friend will love it. I think the back and binding are awesome too! How did you make your label?

    So sorry to hear about your friends recent diagnosis.


  2. A quilt is something so personal and takes so much time to put together it can't help but mean something more than a bathrobe. The other thing that makes it mean more is that is something that can be shared. Your friend will be covered up with something that you created, and her family will probably snuggle up beside her too. That will mean something. The quilt is beautiful and your friend will love it as she spends time with her family snuggled up making precious memories together.

  3. Its very pretty and mod, love the back too

  4. What a fantabulous finish! Love the back too

  5. It's a wonderful finish. Quilts are different because they are usually a labor of love. They take thought, care, time and patience. I'm sure your friend will cherish it and all the love you put into it.

  6. I love it!