Saturday, March 20, 2010

The 9patch homestead had been invaded!!

That's right! Ladybugs. This is one side of our bathroom window.
And this is the other side. There are also ladybugs on the ceiling, the floor, and in the bedroom. We get them every year, always upstairs in the master bath and bedroom. I guess it's better than ants! I know that gardeners like ladybugs and I read somewhere that you can keep them in 'suspended animation' by putting them in the freezer. I tried that once. I put a baggy full of ladybugs in the freezer. Shoulda told the rest of the 9patcher family! Poor little frozen ladies were crushed by a bag of frozen mixed vegies.
Has anybody been following the 'crochet along' at You Go Girl? She's having a tutorial on making pillowcases and crocheting a lacy trim around the edges. This is my work so far. I made two pillowcases and used cotton yarn to blanket stitch around the edges. On Monday, we'll get the next step..... crocheting!! I don't really know how to crochet but I'm hopeful that I'll muddle through. Check out the tutorial. The pillowcases have a nice flap to cover up the end of the pillow. I think I'll make more of these as gifts. Maybe my niece, Lucia, would like one for her birthday.
The Wild Threads had a meeting tonight. It was our UFO (and other quilty stuff) swap. I took one UFO, the pink dahlia, lots of fabric scraps, some larger fabric pieces, a bunch of blocks from swaps, as well as some quilting books. I promised myself that I would NOT bring home any UFO's. I broke my promise. One of my friends brought A LOT of UFO's. I brought home several table runners and a few small things. I'll show pictures in the next post. I think I can finish these things lickety split. They'll make nice gifts and maybe even a giveaway or two. By the way, I ended up bringing home quite a bit of my fabric scraps that weren't taken. I think I'll take them to retreat next weekend and see if anyone wants them. OMG!! Our spring retreat is next weekend! I can't wait, it is SO much fun. And there is an AQS quilt show in Lancaster the day before to help me get pumped up. Yes!!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I have to work tomorrow, waah. Ta ta for now!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the fabric scraps next weekend!

  2. A spring retreat sounds like so much fun! Maybe you'll get to finish up a couple of those UFOs you picked up. :)

  3. Sorry I missed the meeting but for some reason the Sangria pitcher was never empty! I'll bring some UFOs to the retreat next weekend & (drumroll, please) I have my winter blocks finished!

  4. I love a good UFO! I would have tried to not bring home any too but I know I could not have resisted! You can come check out my craft closet full of them if you are feeling brave someday!

  5. I didn't take any UFO's but I got some nice scraps!! SO looking forward to this weekend retreat - got to go through my stuff and decide what to bring to work on. Decisions, decisions!