Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sorry!! I didn't forget I have a blog!

So sorry to be such a lazy blogger. I guess daily life has just gotten in the way. I have almost finished quilting my chicken quilt and hopefully I can show it to you soon. I'm trying to decide whether or not to wash it when I'm done. It's pretty big for a wallhanging but not exactly soft and cozy for snuggling. All of the applique makes it a little stiff. Below is another applique quilt without purpose. I made it years ago and have learned a lot since then. The center is VERY stiff. Whatever fusible I used was heavy duty! My original plan was a medallion quilt, when I realized how stiff it is, I downsized to a wallhanging. I have just the spot for it too. Then, I pieced the border, it's a little wavy, and I stalled out completely. If you look close, you will see that I even made piping between the outermost border and the pieced border. Anyway, I have zero interest in finishing this. In 2 weeks, the Wild Threads are having a UFO swap. Anything in our sewing rooms that we don't want, including UFO's, is hitting the tables and up for grabs. I'm going to take books, magazines, fabric, patterns, and this pink dahlia. I will probably take some orphan blocks too. These blocks, however, are staying with me. They have been languishing almost as long as the dahlia, but I still have lots of interest in finishing them. I predict they will be seeing some sewing machine action this spring. I have been thinking about finishing them individually and hooking them together somehow. Maybe buttons and tabs, or grommets and ties. Just not sure yet, but the first step is to stitch down the applique. I really like these flowers. When I first worked on them, I made an extra of the coneflower block and made it into a small wallhanging to donate to my guild's Quilt Bingo. I was kinda hoping to win it.
All right, back to the chickens! Cluck cluck and see ya later!


  1. A UFO swap sounds like a fun idea! Who knows-- maybe you'll come home with some fresh (to you!) goodies to get those creative juices going.

    Love those flower blocks! Very pretty.

  2. I am so glad I will not be there to acquire more UFO's!!!!! I have three to finish by the end of the month.....good thing we have the retreat coming up!