Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hanging my head in disappointment.

So my plan this year was to thin the crap out of my sewing room. Finish some UFOs, weed out fabric that no longer appeals to me, get organized. All this to enable me to feel less 'weighed down' and more free to make what I want, try new things, and really enjoy my passion. So what did I do last Saturday? I came home from the Wild Threads Meeting with someone else's crap! Here it is, the cause for my disappointment in myself. A Christmas runner started it.
Then this fall runner with coordinating fabric jumped in my bag. Oh look, a spring runner!

I am wondering what happened to the summer runner. Or maybe this is summer and I'm missing spring, lol.

After my runner frenzy, I really lost it. I have NO idea what to do with these six cat blocks but they are so cute that I brought them home.

And what the heck should I do with this? I think I grabbed it because I like homespuns. If you look close, you'll see it's pretty 'rustic' (i.e. wonky).

Oh please save me from myself!!! I even brought home some xmas fabric and one 12 in. xmas block. Good grief!
So what do you think I should do with this cr..... um loot? I can finish the runners quickly. Then what? Gifts? Giveaway? What would you do with them?
Most desperate of all, what to do with the homespun item?
I await your creative direction. Yours in shame, 9patchnurse


  1. The table runners can be little cat quilts! Cuz if you actually try and put it on a table, in 10 seconds a cat will sitting on it.

    The cat blocks are pretty cute, they would have been hard for me to resist. You could try adding some appliqued flowers to the homespun quilt to perk it up. Or you can use it for the back of a quilt.....or can you can save it for the next UFO swap.....

  2. Some people have NO self-control! That's the pot calling the kettle black!;-) I took home some of your cr..um treasures too! Oh well, we still have nine months to clean out our stashes - and maybe even have another exchange!LOL

  3. LOL! You are too funny. :) Speaking as one who has a closet full of unfinished stuffs, I'm afraid I have little advice to offer. Just sympathy. :)

  4. Let me add my two cents worth....the table runners would be great as a giveaway, the cat blocks I personally would turn into bags ( I love bags!) and the homespun rustic thingy, I would use as a centre piece on a quilt back.....I think that covers all the ones you wanted to know about....and I've already been rude and said all that without saying hi first! I stumbled across your blog and thought I'd offer some advice while I'm here! Hugs Naomi from Australia