Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pumping up the inspiration!!

OK! One down. I have to admit that the actual crocheting took longer than I thought it would. I think that my yarn is a little too thick and my crochet hook a little too small. I will definitely make more of these pillowcases but maybe not as many as I thought I would. Guess where I went today?! Yahoo, the AQS qult show in Lancaster! Boy was it big, I think I only saw half of it. There was a shuttle to a second center that I just didn't get to. I blew through my budget with gorgeous Cherrywood fabrics. I also got some heavy cotton Sulky threads for my upcoming foray into handquilting. And I got a very straightforward and cool book on fabric dyeing and other techniques.
Here are only some of the very cool quilts from the show.
I always think it's wild how I can see something that I believe I can make, and then I turn a corner and.....................

see something that is out of the question. Never in my lifetime could I ever even come close
to making something like this.
How cute is this quilt!!

So colorful and playful!

This is so much fun to look at, always finding something new.

Some of these butterflies were 3-D.

Maybe it's the simplicity but I just love this quilt. It soothes me.

One of these days I'm going to make a quilt with uneven edges. I like this one.

I have also been thinking about making something with a shear fabric on top and this quilt is fabulous. It really makes me think of the winter we just got through.

I think this was called Ice Storm. I really love looking at it.

Tomorrow morning I am off to retreat. I'm all packed, the machine and fabric and lots and lots of other goodies are already in the car. I am meeting friends for breakfast on the way. I have a UFO all packed up as well as a WIP. I usually take WAY more than I need but this time I think I showed a lot of restraint. I'm going to admit something.....I have been on a diet for over a month. I haven't cheated once and I've had some good results. But I gotta tell ya, there is the most fantastic ice cream place near this retreat center and I AM GETTING SOME!! I might even dream about it tonight. Ice cream is my favorite food group, I love it more than chocolate! Have a good weekend! I'll tell you all about my fun time next week.. Love you, bye!


  1. fabulous fabulous pix of the show! THANK YOU so much for posting...wish I was there! Enjoy your retreat and NICE JOB on the pillowcase. I wish I could crochet...

  2. Oooo... fun eye candy! Thanks so much for sharing! :) I love Cherrywood fabrics. In fact, I have a pile of them in my stash, waiting to be turned into a fabulous jacket. Sigh.... someday. :)