Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh yeah! Getting stuff done!

Look what I finished yesterday. It's been waiting for 4 years. Enough was enough and yesterday I got serious and GOT IT DONE!! I skimped a little on the quilting in the border but the rest has plenty. Sometimes I get so excited about a finish that I get impatient with the quilting. I'm not proud of that but I have to tell the truth, I'm just an impatient kinda gal. I figure I can go back and fill in a little if I want. This spot over our bed was begging for something. I had a different wallhanging before we got this bed but it was too long and fell behind the headboard. I had fun stitching veins in the leaves. That's about the extent of my drawing ability.

If I had courage I would free-motion leaves in the border but I need to practice that first.

Check out what I did this morning. Remember this post? I finally put a new cover on my Big Board ironing surface. This was a twin sheet that was barely used. I put a little drawstring on it to hold it in place and I can remove it for washing. Yay! I used the rest of the sheet as backing for this quilt. This is the zigzag quilt that I had on my design wall for a long while. I finally got it together and it is going to be the first of my 'just in case' gift quilts. Remember my New Year's resolutions? One of them was to make at least 3 quilts to have on hand for unexpected events such as a sick friend or a special thank you. As you can see, I have no quilting in the border yet. I did some straight line quilting in the body of the quilt and now I have stalled. Any suggestions? Since it's a solid color, any quilting will really stand out so I need to be realistic about my abilities. BUT, it's also a great opportunity to try something new. I enjoy putting on binding and doing the handwork, and I'm at the point when I can't wait to get to it, so I'm trying to exercise patience and perseverance. I want to do right by this quilt. I also need to get to work on a couple more to keep my resolution. I think in June I will post a 'Resolution Progress Report'. I am feeling good about the UFO's I've got done. I'll show them all to you.
Meanwhile, I have to go clean out my daughter's closet. She's in college and has her own apartment now and I plan to slowly, slowly inch some of my stash and batting etc into her closet. I boxed up some stuff, like wools, flannels, and homespuns, that I don't use often and I can keep it in there. Wish me luck, her closet is scary messy.
G'day y'all!

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  1. Love how the flowers turned out!! Good idea about posting a New Years progress report. I was thinking about doing that too....