Thursday, May 6, 2010

I forgot to show you the back of my circles pillow (by the way I am naming it 'Bubbles'). Here it is, I used a men's shirt from the thrift store. It didn't photograph well so I put a pen in the pocket for reference. This picture is a little better. I love the thrift shop!

Remember those silks that I won from 'I Have a Notion'? Here is a scarf I made using some of them. I used a little Kaffe as the lining. I love Kaffe.
My very first yo-yo's, and made out of silk to boot!

I like my scarf. (Try not to stare at the gum in my mouth, it's not polite.) Years ago, I made a New Year's resolution that was a big flop. It was to accessorize more, lol. I think maybe I'll try again.


  1. The scarf with silks and Kaffe is to die for... love it!! By the way I love the pillow in the previous post too... Love, Love, Love it!!

  2. Juicy Fruit or Orbit White Spearmint? Oh and I do really love your newest creation!

  3. Lovely, lovely scarf. The yo-yos and Kaffe lining add the perfect touch.

    Never thought to use a shirt front with buttons as a pillow back. Great idea!

    Do you remember that biggie size button? We all clicked on it just to gawk at your pale green gum.

  4. Hey! You could put the remote in that pocket!