Sunday, May 30, 2010

Something VERY Rare!!

Check this out. I actually marked a quilt before quilting. I'm not a fan of marking (I'm lazy, remember?). I used a pounce block, a stencil, and magic chalk. The magic chalk disappears with heat. It worked well and I'll probably do it again. I had a few flashbacks though while I was using it, of grade school and clapping the erasers at the end of the day, cough, cough. So here it is, all done, my first gift quilt of 2010. Do you see what I see? When I look at it, I can't help but notice that the zigzag rows start pointing down and end pointing up. It's not a big deal but I think the quilt might look better if those rows ended pointing down.

And here's something else I whipped up. The Wild Threads are having a little summer mini quilt swap so I made a little landscape quilt. Actually, I made two.
Now I can keep one for myself. They were fun and easy. Maybe I'll try a little beach landscape next.

I fiddled around today with some Michael Miller fabric. Are those hedgehogs cute or what?! I started with the idea of making potholders. I still might but I'm just gonna stop for a short while to decide if I should make a little crib quilt instead. I made the 9 patches by layering the fabrics, cutting them wonky, and then shuffling the pieces. Quick and easy!

I did some other fiddling around today but I think I'll wait until I'm finished to show you what I did.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day everyone! Remember all those who have served for us.


  1. Love the hedgehog fabric!! just too cute and it looks great as a wonky nine patch!

  2. The first one looks like Charlie Brown's shirt!