Sunday, July 17, 2011

Can you stomach a final dose of Olivia's quilt?

I hope so because it is now finished, quilted,  bound, and washed and dried.   The weather is gorgeous this weekend so I took it outside and dragged it around the yard trying to get a good picture.  Not very easy.  For this shot I was standing on a very VERY rickety and weathered wooden chair.  My husband was inside honking on his saxophone so I rapped on the window and asked for some help.

I got my husband to hold the quilt as high as he could.  I really like the side borders I put on it.

 And here's the back.  I have some tie-dye like panels that I used because my daughter and her friends are INSANE about tie-dying.  I like the effect of the sun shining through the borders in this picture.  It's hard to see the quilting here.  I did all straight line quilting, it took a long time.

 I divided the quilt into 4 quadrants,  this is the center.  Then I quilted one quad at a time.

 I know it's hard to see but I just stitched two lines with a 90 degree angle in the center.

 So this quilt is going on an exciting field trip!  I bought tickets for my daughter and I to go to New York City for Quilters take Manhattan. This weekend of events benefits the Alliance for American Quilts.  First we are going to the Friday evening event at Victoria's (of Bumblebeans) loft and then the Saturday afternoon program at the  F.I.T with Marianne Fons and Jay McCarroll the Project Runway winner.  After I bought the tickets, I got an email from Jodie Davis, co-host of an internet TV show, Quilt out Loud.  She said my name had been chosen at random to be interviewed briefly for their show.  Was I interested?  Oy!  How exciting, and scary!  I went back and forth over it then thought 'Oh what the heck, DO it!'   I said yes and Jodie said to bring a quilt that means something to me.  I think this quilt fills the bill.  It's an easy and fun story to tell.  Now I just have to worry about losing a few pounds and what to wear.  Oh gosh, I wish I could get a quick facelift, lol.  Check out those links and think about going if you can.  I can't wait to see  Victoria's loft and I am a HUGE Project Runway fan so meeting Jay is HUGE.  I love his fabric lines.  I don't have any but maybe I should get some so I can have him sign it. 

Looky what I found out front today!  I have been waiting for this Clematis to bloom since Mother's day.  Finally!

I hope everyone is having weather as nice as ours.  G'nite!


  1. I really do love that quilt and I'm glad you showed it finished. It's so pretty!

    Congratulations on being famous too! How exciting for you. I like your "just do it " attitude. We can miss a lot of life's experiences worrying about things that dont matter. Have fun!

  2. WAHOO!!! I can't believe you won! congrats! and see you real soon!!!

  3. AnonymousJuly 22, 2011


  4. What a great finish. I just saw your photo over on V's blog this morning, looks like it was an amazing event! How fun for you to win the interview!