Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Endless Possibilities.

Last year on vacation at the beach, my husband and I stumbled across a cool place on Roanoke Island.  It's called Endless Possibilities and you can read about it here.  Last year I came home with a rug for our powder room.  This year I couldn't resist this rainbow wall hanging.

 It's woven. From fabric. From torn and cut cast-off clothing from local thrift shops!  They have at least a dozen BIG floor size looms in this store!!  And guess what?  Anyone who walks in can have a little sit down at a loom, get a quicky lesson, and commence to weaving.  Every loom has a project started on it and a basket of fabric strips ready to roll.   It was a hot day so ol' 9patch here  took a load off and spent some time weaving away on a piece that was going to be made into a purse.  That's right, they have people who will sew their 'woven fabric' into all kinds of purses and bags  AND they had some clogs too.

I think my red kitchen wall is perfect to showcase this very cool fiber art.
 And this is what sent me over the moon for weaving! You can embellish as you go.  See the buttons?  They were sewn to a strip of fabric before weaving.  Even more fun is when a whole button placket from a shirt gets plopped right in there. 

 I like how these buttons are color coordinated, obviously planned on this piece.

Cool beadwork can be added later, and some are woven in too. 

I love these shell necklaces that were woven in, especially with the yellow shells.
You can't really tell from this picture but there is a polka dot scarf that was put in and they left the ends hanging out the sides since they were finished.  Look at the full size pictures and you will see it.
 It's fun to look close and see the fabrics used in this piece, ugly knit pieces turn pretty.  And there are also yarns here and there.  A bit of fuzzy yarn adds texture.  And I saw some that had cheapo mardi gras type beads woven in or old costume jewelry.  OMG the Possibilities are Endless!  Get it?  Endless Possibilities?  har har  Forgive me but I'm cracking myself up for a minute. 

Oh how I am dreaming of a loom.  I could really put a dent into my scrap basket.  And we have an awesome thrift store nearby.  My cousin used to have a big loom, I think it was her grandmother's or great grandmother's.  She used it a few times when we were roomates to work on projects when she was studying occupational therapy.  I called her to ask about it, thought maybe I could 'borrow' it for a while.  They donated it to a local county museum, bummer.  The larger looms involve quite a bit of know-how and setting up with the 'warp' and all.  I really have to be realistic about my available time.  Honestly,  the last thing I need is another hobby with all of its associated gadgets and goodies and clutter.
  Knitpicks, however, has little looms.  Oh dear!  I already started dreaming about the cool artsy wallhangings I could make.  And 'fabric' for bags and totes!!  Sometimes it's best just to table an idea and see what happens. 
 As my grandmother used to say, 'I'm going to lie down and see if this goes away.'
I hope everybody had a great Fourth of July!


  1. That is really gorgeous. How cool that they use thrifted items.

  2. Now that is very nice and the button idea is fun!

  3. Well you're right that time is limited but oh how gorgeous those are! blessings, marlene

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