Friday, July 15, 2011

My buttons have been PUSHED!!!!!!!

Want a dose of me 'Keeping it Real'?   If you do, read on.

What pushes your buttons?  I have to admit that lots of things can irritate me, but one of the biggest is losing something.  I really try to keep track of my things.  You won't find me running around looking for car keys or my cell phone  well, occasionally I have to call my cell to find it.  Anyway,  I get really irritated when I have to search all over for something.  This past week I lost a folding step stool somewhere in the house.  That's right, you heard me.  I have looked  EH VA REE WHERE!  How could I lose something that big?  Seriously,  I can't figure it out.  I just got it a month or so ago when the new super duper Walmart opened near us.  AND, I remember trying to put it in the broom closet but it wouldn't fit so I put it somewhere else. For days now, every time I walk into a room I spend a few minutes eyeing all the places I may have stashed the step.  There are
 two closets upstairs  that are pretty crowded and I have opened their doors and peaked in all the corners without success.  I know I didn't stuff the step stool in the back of one of those closets but honestly it is no where else. I may have to empty them out......ugh! Every day when I get home from work, I ask my husband if he has found it.  He hasn't and I don't think he's looking any more either.  Meanwhile, I am so irritated about it that I can't STOP looking, even to the point of a couple tears last weekend which made me even more irritated. 
And there's more.  I finally quilted my daughters quilt (the SSP, the Wordplay quilt with her funny list).  I used all straight line quilting in a geometric design (I'll get a good picture this weekend and post it).  First, I used blue painter's tape to mark it.  That was time consuming and a pain because the quilt is big and the tape kept coming loose when I bunched the quilt.  So then I drew chalk lines.  That worked fine but was still time consuming.  If you remember, I'm lazy so I really wanted a simpler way.  Oh yeah!  How about using my seam guide?  The one that came with my walking foot.   Soooooooo, where was it?   Again I started looking all over.  I could picture the Bernina box it came in.  After searching for quite some time, all I found was the seam guide for my Brother sewing machine.  Check out these pictures of how I 'jerry rigged' it onto my Bernina.  Masking tape was involved.

 Can you see how high the seam guide is?  Ridiculous!   Why didn't I just use the Brother sewing machine?  I don't know, I really don't.  I was bugged that I couldn't find the right guide,  so I decided to go looking again, and I poked around in one of those 'crowded' closets. 

                          Ta-dah!!  I found it.  In the box I could 'see' in my head the whole time. 

With all the parts all neat and tidy inside.

See what I mean about having to organize my sewing room?  Since my daughter moved out, I have now put stuff into her closet and I am more unorganized than ever.  More is not necessarily better.  Such as more space.  I have proven my theory that we just 'expand' to fit our space.  Move to a bigger house and you accumulate more stuff/junk.  And then you can't find things, like a bleeping step stool!
Check out this little mess.
 I was reading Marlene's blog and she needed scraps of bright fabrics.  I offered her some and I went poking around my scraps.  Eeks!  I need to get rid of these!  Anybody want some?  I have another priority mailer that I can stuff full for somebody.  I am so sorry but it has to be in the US for the postage to be reasonable.  I did find some pre-cuts that I had put into baggies that I think I will use up to make a quick quilt.
Leave a comment if you want some scraps.  A lot of them are strips so let me know if you do or don't like strip scraps.  I will pick a random number and stuff the envelope for someone on Monday.
Now,  I gotta go look for a step stool.  Do you think a burglar would steal something like that and leave everything else?


  1. while you're looking, could you keep an eye open for my sewing machine case? it has to be somewhere!

  2. Lisa I did the same thing with a new baking pan I bought. I COULD NOT find it and could not figure it out then just recently I found it on top of the upright freezer in my laundry room. I think I remember that it was too big for the cabinet where I keep my pans. UGH... I hope you find your step stool. Hey if you have any strip scraps left over by the sew in I'll take some off your hands! :)

  3. Yep...I get frantic when I cant find things.

    Although surely it's hard to lose an entire step stool? Shed? Under the bed ? behind a door? Good luck with the hunt.

  4. Sounds like my place...I spend hours looking for things and then they are just there...aaargh! Hope you find the stool.

  5. I'm with you, I hate to put something somewhere and then forget where I put it. I would love some bright colored scraps, strings, most of my scraps are dark. I would love to make a bright scrappy kids quilt.