Saturday, July 2, 2011

I tried something new!!


The beach was nice.  Lots of relaxation, plenty of reading,  enjoying the sun and the ocean breezes.  Too bad I came home with a bad cold.  I felt tired and droopy so it seemed like a good time to sit and try  hand quilting for the first time.   I have 4 of these blocks I put together a couple months ago.  Postage stamp blocks that I plan to 'quilt as I go'.  Each one is put together with batting and backing.  I machine quilted each of the applique pieces down and only plan to hand quilt some outlines. 

I chose different threads for a scrappy quilted look.  Some perl cottons and a few 12 wt variegated Sulky threads.  The 12 wt was certainly easier to work with but I also like the way the perl stood out more.
Pulling out my scraps, poking through them and fussy cutting was lots of fun.  Messy though.  The floor was COVERED with fabric. 

It was fun to see how many different fabrics I have that I can fussy cut.  I am  obviously drawn to fabrics with funny little motifs.

Aren't these little kids cute!  They are from a Heidi Grace fabric I got at JoAnn's.  Her fabrics are cutey cute cute! 

So here are the four blocks.  I have never tried the 'quilt as you go' technique but I have a plan.  After I get the blocks together, I'm going to add a few more applique 'postage stamps' to fill some gaps. I am giving serious thought to making more blocks.  

Especially when I saw little Mike.  I know I have lots more little friends like Mike who would like to have a spot on this quilt.

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  1. Love your blocks! Something fresh and new. And, it's always fun to play with fabric! :) Thank you also for stopping by my site and commenting! It's funny that you should mention doing "The Cut Up" in Christmas fabrics, because I JUST finished one yesterday! What a quinky-dink or great minds truly think alike!! Take Care - Elizabeth