Sunday, November 15, 2009

I kinda failed.

I got this quilt done first, just a simple grid.
I love when I can just stitch straight lines from corner to corner with no marking. Easy peasy!
The second quilt took more time. Again, no marking, I just stitched curvy lines across, hoping it would seem like wind. I also put some circles in there, like swirls of snow, ha ha.

Then........... I got to the last one. I think I would have gotten it done today, but... the bobbin ran out, and when I wound a new one, the tension was bad. So I wound another one, same problem. So I took the machine apart and dusted out the lint, still off. Then I looked at my list of things to get done, and said phooey! It's more important to get the Christmas quilts done, one of them is getting wrapped up. That ol 'Storm at Sea' quilt can wait a little longer. Meanwhile, I need to go change the cat litter and take the garbage out and wash my hair and do some laundry. Hope you all had a productive weekend, or at least a fun one!!


  1. love the curvy quilting on the tree quilt!
    can you lend me the pattern for it????

  2. I love the trees and the orange! my favorite color! Nice job!!