Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My goal for the week.

Oh boy do I have a a goal for myself. I want to have all 3 of these quilts quilted by the end of this coming weekend. I got them all sandwiched and pinned on Sunday and decided to 'git er done'! It's now Tuesday morning and I have to leave for work in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I haven't showered, dressed, eaten, or packed my dinner. BUT, I'll have you know that yesterday morning, I got one of these quilts done before I went to work at 3pm. No binding, but that wasn't part of the deal that I made with myself (it wasn't!! I'm serious! I wouldn't lie!!)
I made these two Christmas quilts on retreat last month. I saw the trees pattern in a quilt magazine that came the day before retreat. It was my mother's Quiltmaker magazine and since she was out of town, I swiped it and took it with me. Is that a felony? I gave it back, a little worn but it had all of the pages. I had to make templates for the trees and boy did I whine about it. Just ask my retreat friends. I hate templates, and all I had to make them was paper which was part of the problem. But I like this quilt so much, I want to make another one, maybe in yellow or green. I'm going to make plastic templates first. Hmm, guess I have to borrow that magazine back. This other quilt is a pattern called Couch Potato and boy do I LOVE it. It goes together so quick and easy but it looks a little complex. And it's a great way to showcase a fabric. I'm so glad I saved this great winter scenes fabric for just the right project!!

This last quilt is from a Kim Jallette workshop I took about 2 YEAR's ago. I always wanted to make a Storm at Sea and I had fun using my Kaffe Fassett fabric with it. Oooooh, don't you love the illusion of curves?! So sneaky! I got the inside of the quilt done quickly and then it languished for months and months while I pondered the borders. I agonize over borders some times. I'll have to get a book about borders. I know there's one out there. Anyway, I put the borders on at a retreat over a year ago I think, and then this poor quilt top ended up in the UFO pile. Poor little puddin, but you're about to be set free!! So wish me luck with my GOAL. I now have 50 minutes before I have to leave for work. Rats! But I'm pretty sure I know how I'm going to quilt the second one. I confess that I came up with my idea while I was in a kidney transplant last night. There was nothing for me to do for a while but watch, so I leaned on the cautery machine and daydreamed about quilt patterns. Wonder if I'll have a chance to daydream tonight? I'll keep you posted on my progress.


  1. I love the trees!! You are going to snitch the magazine again and bring it to the WT next week right?????? So you can share with your friends......