Thursday, December 10, 2009

Critters on Parade

As promised, here is a closer look at the bottom shelf. If you haven't been to the Wisteria website or gotten their catalog, go check it out. They have a very WIDE range of products, from these adorable carved wooden critters to beautiful furniture that I can't afford. It's a good place to find a gift for someone hard to shop for. Well, on Black Friday I got an email from Wisteria offering me 25% off my purchase! I figured, what the heck, and now I have these racecar driving reindeer. Check out this cool character with the sunglasses. He and his reindeer friends are leading the procession of what I like to call ...............................................................

Farmtown Potluck!!! Here they come, right out of the barnyard, and bringing their own meal! Get it? Huh? Get it? The cow is bringing hay, the pig brings corn,

and can you see the dog? He's hauling in a BIG bone.

They just crack me up (some days it doesn't take much). I guess they aren't really Christmas decorations, but since I put them with the reindeer, I thought I could pull it off. Maybe I'll go cut some greens and put them up there. I think you can put anything on and around a bed of pine boughs and it becomes a holiday decoration.
And this concludes today's installment of "Lisa's Holiday Decor". Now go and have a nice day!

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  1. Very cute!!! esp the dog who looks just like my dog!