Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I don't sing in the shower.

Our house is generally full of music, I'm married to a musician after all. Not only does my big ol' honeybun play multiple instruments professionally, but he's an elementary school music teacher. If Jon isn't playing his trumpet, sax, piano, congas, guitar, or bass, then he's playing the stereo or radio etc. Back in the day, I had a few records. Then I met Jon, he has HUNDREDS of records. I am NOT joking or exaggerating. Somehow over the years, my records disappeared into his collection. He's no thief, mind you, and I don't think I've ever caught him listening to Elton John, Emmylou Harris, or Leo Kottke (yes, I do have wierd taste), he just organized until I had no idea where to find my music. A few years ago, I got Jon a great Christmas present, at least I thought so. It's a turntable that you can hook to your computer so you can record your records into computer files. Poor guy, I think he thought I was planning a slow purge of the records. Not so, I tell you!!! Well, he said, 'Wow, great gift.' then never even opened the box. The next Christmas, I wrapped it again and gave it to him. Lol and ha ha ha, it became a family joke and good story. Still the box remained sealed. And last Christmas, I wrapped it for the third time. Again with the hee hee's and ha ha's, but the packaging remained intact!! Hmph! All the while, Jon has insisted that it's a great gift, and I have insisted that it's too bad I didn't return it and get my money back years ago. Are you wondering yet if I wrapped it for the 4th time this year? NO!! A miracle has blossomed on Stockton Road! He's using it...... to record my records onto flashdrives for me. I musta mentioned that I would like to have my music on CDs or something so I can play it on my computer in the sewing room. So now I am a happy camper, singing along to a wacky mix of music while I sew or surf the internet reading blogs. Billy Joel, Joan Baez, Alabama, Kansas, Bruce Springsteen, even Men at Work, and it's crazy how many of the lyrics I remember. Of course, I just make up what I don't remember. And let us all keep in mind that when singing along to music, there is one rule-- The Louder The Better!!! Ok, I've gotta go now and tidy up while singing. My quilt buddies, The Wild Threads, are coming tonight. Yay!! Tomorrow, I think I'll have a Wordless Wednesday post and show you my fun with my friends and what I've been working on. Have a great day, and don't forget to SING!


  1. got any Village People?

  2. I don't! You have any for me to put on my flashdrive?