Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Keeping busy!

Well, we had the painting done a couple months ago and I always intended to put some shelving up. And since I have a WHOLE week off from work, it's the perfect time to get caught up around here. I love Ikea, I really do! I went in there intending to get white shelves, but then I saw these. The wood looks like a butcher block counter up close. The perfect choice for our kitchen!! Right now, I have holiday decorations up there, but my plan is to have an assortment of mixing bowls. I LOVE mixing bowls, you can see the two vintage ones that I got in an antique store about 30 years. I love new ones in bright colors as well as old ones. I have shown herculean restraint for years by not buying any more. I have been waiting for these shelves. So get ready people, there's nothing stopping me now!! Except the tuition bills I just got for the TWO kids I have in college. It's a good thing my birthday is in February!! Tomorrow I'll show you some close ups of what I have on the bottom shelf.Here are the first three blocks from the Jacob's coat quilt-a-long over at Don't Look Now. The other name for this design is Orange Peel or something like that, so I decided to go with citrus colors; orange, lemon, and lime.
My plan is for the blocks to kind of blend together. So far, these blocks are only pinned, I have to hand applique each of the twelve 'petals' per block and there will be 49 blocks altogether. The quilt-a-long started Nov 1st and we're supposed to make 1 and a half blocks per week. I guess you could say that I'm a little behind. Just getting the petals ready and pinning them in place is VERY time consuming!! Hopefully I will really kick it into gear after the holidays. pssst - i confess that i fantasize about using my machine for the applique. Look what I did yesterday. Christmas gifts!! I really felt like I was slaving away but now that I see the picture, it doesn't look like much. Hmph!!

And here is another peek at my Christmas quilt. Not done yet!! There are three more blocks and I am seriously concerned about not finishing it this year. Darn it!! Tomorrow I am going to the quilt shop to see if they have the other blocks in yet. If they do, I may be able to pull it off.
And lookee here!!! Big ol Chet wants to eat at the table! This big boy weighs at least 17 pounds and he sleeps ON TOP of me every night!! He sure keeps me warm. He talks too. In the morning when I get up, he jumps off the bed and runs down the hall chirping and chattering kind of like a squirrel. I think he's telling me to hurry up and fill his food bowl!! He makes us laugh every day. Look at that look, he's thinking, 'Where's mah suppah?'


  1. Hey Lisa, I love the Orange Peel blocks!!! And your cat is a real cutie pie! Enjoy the week off!