Sunday, December 13, 2009

My vacation is over... waaaah!!

Remember the critter parade? How about the 'hampster hat' trees? Well I put them together. I thought I would give the critters an obstacle course for fun. I also added little tree trunks for my trees, to get them up off the ground. It's always fun to get out the power drill and the paint! And the best part is that the trees are like little bobble heads! I just got blocks and dowels from Michael's, painted the blocks, drilled a hole, etc etc.

My quilting buddies are coming over next Saturday for our December meeting of the Wild Threads minigroup. I had really hoped to get more done this past week. I really wanted to clean up my sewing room. I want to be able to show it off to my friends. All I did was make a bigger mess, and on top of the usual clutter, it's also where I put everything from my xmas shopping. Maybe I'll spend Saturday morning carting stuff into the guest room, lol. I picked up the last three blocks from the Christmas block of the month. And I spent ALL DAY yesterday ( and I mean ALL DAY) working on it. I got almost two of them done. I feel like quitting but if I do, I probably won't touch it until next year. I'll show some pictures of the new blocks sometime this week. Meanwhile, I have to do something around here besides play in my sewing room. Our tree is up and I started putting ornaments on it. After so many years of putting up trees and collecting ornaments, we have a LOT of ornaments. It is so much fun to see them every year. Here are a few I might have to hide before Saturday. My friend, Kathy, loves Elvis. Well so do my hubby and I. (in a joking way, OK) So we have a few Elvis ornaments that people have given us. There's nuthin like that white jumpsuit is there?

And this ornament of the young Elvis is cool because the legs are separate and they swing back and forth!!! I'm really gonna have to keep an eye on him when Kathy is here.

And I couldn't resist a shot of this little cutie tootie. All dressed up with his holiday socks! Happy Sunday everybody.

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  1. Ok, it is almost too much for me to see the Elvis ornaments!!!!!! Better keep an eye on them!