Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Making do without sushi grass!

While I wait for someone to get me some sushi grass, I decided to play with other 'found' materials. Santa brought me a tin of Pirouette cookies for xmas, a really big tin. I ate a few, gave some to the Wild Threads, took some to work, and ate some more. When the tin was empty, I couldn't throw it away, it's a great size. Some pretty paper, a little mod podge and it will make a nice storage tin. But then, I noticed what was in it. Look!! Corrugated paper.
Add a few raggedy fabric strips, and some old fabric crayons. I rubbed a crayon across the paper, sewed some strips on, cut out a shape and ......

Voila!! A broken heart, :( I sewed it on an ombre background square, but felt that it needed something else.

So, I stitched the heart back together.
I would love to finish it today but I have to get to my day job (the one that will pay for some sushi so I can get my grass!). I think some qulting and binding will do it, unless I find some other useful 'trash'. Happy Tuesday everybody, Wordless Wednesday tomorrow. My xmas BOM is together finally, just needs its border then finishing.


  1. Love it! I have sushi bamboo rollers, if you ever need them. LOVE sushi. I even have some sushi fabric somewhere with my I Spy stuff.

  2. The winter BOM is fabulous!!