Sunday, January 17, 2010

UFOs part 2, and Final

Have you missed me? Sorry, I have apparently been in a slump, and I have figured out why. For about 4 months before the holidays, all of my creativity was about finishing things for Christmas and gifts. Whenever I saw something that I wanted to try, I would tell myself that I could do it in January. Then I had to go and make that resolution about finishing things up. I really like to get my 'chores' out of the way before having fun so I have been staring down at all of these projects, bleh. This first one is 2 inch apple cores all hand pieced. I was going great guns on it for a while then stalled when I tried to decide how big to go. It is also a charm quilt, no fabric is used twice. I really like this project but I'm OK with it waiting a while. Next, I have a couple of stray paper pieced blocks. Carol Doak visited our guild and I took her workshop, making the block on the left. Then, for fun, I made the one on the right. I really love them but their final destination is undecided. Pillows? Maybe. Or maybe I'll take Bumble Beans advice and try a kitchen sink quilt some time.
And these lovelies have been parked on my design wall for at least 2 years! I haven't even stitched the applique down. Shame, shame, shame Lisa!!! I do see completion for these this year though, I mean it.

And now! One of my favorites. Crazy chickens! Each block represents a chicken recipe. The Wild Threads started this project as a BOM, and every month we made the recipe to go with that month's block. We didn't get very far, who knew there were so many people who aren't fond of chickens? I am the only one who made all 12. I've been putting this top together for 2 days now. Tomorrow, I will show it off, with closer pictures of these chicks.

Here is a quilt top that lost his way. I love Kaffe Fassett fabrics and have quite a lot. A year and a half ago, I took it all on retreat and just started cutting and stitching. It's quite big and now I just need to decide on a border (or not) and 'git er done'.Next item on the menu is a Round Robin. It started with the 3-d flowers in the center (that's my block) and the rest was added by the Wild Threads. This was a fun challenge and I love being able to identify my friends' style in their contributions. I just need to let this marinate a little longer before I decide where it's headed.
And man oh man is this an old project. The center is fused and very STIFF! I'm done with it!! This is going to the Wild Thread UFO swap and someone else can have it.
This is from a bunch of leftover half square triangles. I have been planning for a long time to put a few borders on it and make it a lap quilt. It will probably become one of the quilts I plan to make to have on hand as an unexpected gift.
Last but not least, this is from a batik block swap. Organized by a friend of mine, 9 people from my guild used all batiks and swapped blocks every month. Unfortunately, one person dropped out without telling us for months or finding a replacement. This swap wobbled and sputtered and limped along to the end. We all pitched in and made extras and tried to keep it all going. We made it to the end and gave our organizer a gift for her HUGE effort. I will finish this quilt this year because it really is pretty. So there you have it. Lisa's unfinished objects. I have more but I'm sick of thinking and talking about them, so I will stop. I think I will head back to the chicken coop and work on my birds. Tomorrow, I will unveil the finished top. Bye-bye!!

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  1. If those three flowers, especially the coneflower, need a home they can come and live with me!