Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Brain runs 24/7!! UFO's Part One.

When I figure out what guides my brain on its journeys every night, I will write a bestseller. You heard it here people! My family knows that I am a vivid and imaginative dreamer (and Jon lets me know when I shout and talk in my sleep, although when I shout I usually wake myself up). My favorite dream was about getting a new pet - a 'tomato colored' Dinky. A Dinky, apparently, is a lap-sized pony! (btw has anyone seen the new mini pigs? I'm serious! google it.) Anyway, back to my dream, the tomato red Dinkys are coveted and I had one, yay! I wish I could remember what I named that ol' Dinky. Maybe I should write a children's book....... Okay, I am now waaaay off topic for this post. Last night I was dreaming about UFOs (gee, wonder why?) and I woke up with the realization that I missed two the other day. This first picture shows them. My guild had some block swaps a few years ago, one was jars with bugs and the other was cats. I love cats so I signed up for that one twice and have 24 of those blocks. I should have taken these when I went to the Project Linus marathon.
So, this post is only showing blocks from swaps. Apparently I can't resist a block swap. Any of you Wild Threads reading this will hopefully understand why I hesitated to join our winter theme swap. And maybe you'll even show remorse for pressuring me until I signed up. This is supposed to be the year we conquer UFOs and now I'm gonna have another!!! Below you will see my birthday blocks. I have an online group of friends, The Blockswappers, and for a while I participated in the birthday swap. These are the blocks I got, aren't they great. They are waiting for me to be smitten with some setting inspiration.
These are from a Wild Threads fall/Thanksgiving swap. Don't you love the center block and the mashed potatos?

Here are some signature blocks from the Blockswappers. The batiks are gorgeous.

These are from two Blockswapper swaps. One was red & white and the other blue & white. I also have some red/white/blue not pictured. I actually used some of them for a wallhanging to donate to my guild's silent auction. Amazing, huh?
Here are some black and white basket blocks from a Wild Threads swap. They are 12 inches.

And here are some 9 inch black and whites from the Blockswappers. I can't decide whether or not to combine them with the larger b&w's, so here they sit.
Here are some 12 inch blue and white blocks that were actually not a swap but a BOM from my LQS. (sorry non-quilters, that's Block of the Month from the Local Quilt shop). There are a dozen of these and they are lovely. Alas, again I have stalled while pondering setting possibilities. And should I combine them with my smaller blue and whites?

So, there you have UFO's, part 1. And please! For the love of all things quilty, don't let me sign up for any more block swaps! Starting after the winter swap of course. And if our guild does another 4 inch block swap, I'll make an exception for that. And of course, I could be tempted by a Dear Jane. SLAP ME!! Please! Someone SLAP ME!!

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